Freakin’ good looking Asian car show girls (5 Photos)

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  • ladylover

    I like #50 the best. Too bad she probably has a bigger cock than me.

  • Juan R

    #1 and #124 – So nice, you had to do it twice

    • Biff

      Happening a lot lately. Getting careless?
      This segment at 139 photos is much too long with many of the inferior ones that should have been left on the cutting floor instead.

  • gs425

    "Asian car show"….I think not. #31

  • gs425

    I think #55 might just be a tech show, but that just me.

  • Steve

    #66 please

  • FunKiller

    My fap stick threw up half way through…..but I had to continue.

  • chunkymunkydjc

    Is #59 Alicia Liu? (as in from the sex change gallery you had a few months back) If so, well played Chive, well played…

  • Nigel

    I know exactly what they're promoting…Painted on logos, awkward smiles, and a general disgust at all the men there.

  • reggie1610

    #94. Wow. Would love to invite those two for dinner. Asian food tastes good, wink.

  • Tee

    I guess this can make up for all the recent posts of car catagories when you could have posting pictures of hot Asians. 🙂

  • Jorge

    #31 prefect figure.

  • DrFunkenstein124

    #…. All of them.

  • Toxic

    So much fappage, so little time…

  • Matrixx_19

    That was very educational. Thanks! KCCO and no I couldn't make it through all of them. I had to "reload" the page….. ha!

  • CodyPlacher

    That does it! I'm getting a mail order Asian weather my wife likes it or not!!!

  • Sean

    Yes, they're all attractive. But how many are, em, post-modern, as the Chive put it the other day?

  • Ryan

    After yesterday's post, I'm not confident that all of these aren't actually men.

  • Mike

    #53, #124, #139. Yeah that's nice, but I'd rather see vulva.

  • kote

    #2 #41….gatta love those long and sexy legs

  • TheBAMFinater

    I guess the Chive lost count, not that I'm complaining.

  • Kevin

    They're hot and all…but I wonder how many started life out as dudes =/

  • G_Buddha

    Asian Paradise ….THANKS CHIVE 😀

  • TommyB

    Wouldn't trust it for a second! How many of these used to pretty Asian Boys?!
    Not a fan of Asian women – too often when they speak they sound like they're speaking in baby-talk = annoying as HELL! No thanks.

  • Rick

    #31 Looks like it's the only one with non-anorexic legs O_o

  • Jeff


    • Biff

      Do I detect a little jealousy here?

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