Funny pizza box instructions fulfilled (21 Photos)

  • Lurch

    I really need to try this the next time I order a pizza. Good stuff.

  • Jjj

    I want to ask if they can draw pizza nipples

  • JJJ

    #16 – who got to eat the center part?

  • Teedge

    #21 is probably the best one!!


      All the stoners with the munchies dive under the sofa…

  • iknowthatsacomment

    I was gonna write a comment, but it was too cheesy!

  • Xena

    i'm just scared i'd get spit in my food if i ever asked for a request like these from my local pizza place 😦

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I'd like to think it gives them something fun to do. Some of these took some time and were pretty good drawings.

  • Federick

    I work at dominos. please do this. most people are very rude to fast food employees. anything fun or nice is greatly appreciated.

    • whiskaleafa

      Thankyou 🙂 now i will

    • B Double U

      Good to see ppl like you that are actually happy to have a job instead of complaining that you work in fast food. I worked at sonic for 2 years and a grocery store for 3. Now I'm AVP of a community bank with no college and I'm 26. keep at it brother, believe it or not there are some employers that still reward hard work KCCO

      • Frederick

        Thanks man. I dont see how anyone could complain about any job right now. I gotta work my ass off just to stay at dominos. Most people around here including myself were doing construction for years but that never picked up so we have to work for minimum wage. but even in fast food if you work hard and take your job seriously you can still move up rather quickly.

    • alw

      Thanks for the encouragement, I am also scared instead of a picture I will get an unpleasant surprise. I also worked at Pizza Hut and a grocery store throughout highschool, now I'm 23 and working my way up at a law firm. KCCO!

  • adonisallan

    I wonder if you order a pizza, say, hawaiian style and in the instructions you say "I want everything separate, I'll make the pizza myself" I wonder if they'll do that. Something to try.

  • Carlos S.

    I put my name as Carlos Spicywiener, I saw it on Family Guy before.

    • Football Friends

      Congrats! You saw something on TV and then did it! Hooray for you!

  • FolleRousse

    I'd put "deliver pizza topless" but theyd probably take the top of my box off

    • From_The_Hip

      Or your pizza.

    • Cap'n Obvious

      Or they'd pick the ugliest/fattest delivery guy.

  • MylesofStyles

    "Have my pizza delivered by Sara Jean Underwood wearing only your company hat and a smile."

  • boob_cuddle

    I must try this. But I need ideas.

    • Rozzisi

      Ask them to turn all the pieces around and draw a face so it looks like the sun!

  • 29er

    #11 I'm not all about pentagrams but that middle piece will be delicious!

    • theBoognish

      the pizza filet. mmmm

  • The_Dood

    I guess I'm ordering pizza tonight…

  • mikeymike75


    This one takes the, uhm, slice.

  • knaimoli

    Who goes easy on the cheese?

    • 29er

      lactose intolerant people?

      • Unfkngblvbl

        Uhhh, they probably wouldn't want ANY cheese.

    • TheBetterMan

      Satan that's who, they requested light cheese so it would be harder to hide the pubes

  • Keith_D

    Find #17!

  • Bites

    The online profile my house uses is under the email: wearehighandlovepizza
    and the name Craven Moorhead.

    Still have never asked for a picture. New activity

    • MeepMeep

      You are good people.

  • PumaBalls

    Holla! Imma do this shit TONIGHT!!

  • MeepMeep

    #9 if i worked at a pizza joint this is what i would do almost every time, considering i have no artistic skills. also, why put into detail the 1st half and 2nd half if they're the same!? any who, i am totally doing this the next time i order pizza.

  • deafeningshadows

    Reblogged this on Autumnus Et Matutinus and commented:
    Awesome! Lol!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    This… this is gonna be fun.

  • InvertedCheeze

    This is one of the greatest posts Ive seen on the chive.


  • sandy astroglide

    I keep requesting pizza that doesn't taste like crap, but Dominos hasn't managed it yet.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #12 – why have i never thought of doing this before!!?? rofl!!

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

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