Google Maps expands its street view to include the ocean (9 HQ Photos & Video)

These images were collected by The Catlin Seaview Survey: Catlinseaviewsurvey

Via Twistedsifter

  • Dennis

    WTF chive this doesn't look like tickets either…. 1 pm eastern has passed your dropping the ball

    • Spelling Police

      *you're (a contraction of "you are"). "Your" is possessive. No one owns a "dropping."

      • HatBomb

        Unless one is a collector of shit, literally. Then they my own a dropping, or maybe even droppings!

        • Spelling Police


        • ShirtBomb


          • HatBomb

            Yeah, caught that too late.

    • The Panda

      But for the rest of the world, where is hump day?

  • Andre

    But, but info NOLA meetup!!!

  • GreenKCCOHasArrived

    PLEASE post the New Orleans meetup info.


    Is the NOLA meetup underwater?

    • JPV

      Only after hurricanes. (I live in N.O. so I can make this joke.)

      • LACHIVER

        Well played, sir

      • asdfghjkl

        no. no you cant.

  • Jay

    How do i get that job?

  • mandisue1986

    yes post nola meetup info now please!

  • bigman

    how much did ticket go last time?

  • mandisue1986

    I will be the best wife in the world if i get tickets!

  • SteveMcQueen1


  • Tim

    i was really looking fwd to seeing the car underwater… dang

  • bigman

    ahh youre killing me smalls

  • twd22285

    well there goes my to google the Galapagos

  • bears85

    I cant believe we can sea the animals so clearly

  • Boom

    Oh Apple released new maps? Well ours is still awesome and here's the ocean too. **drops mic**

    • Ryan

      It's safe to assume that both middle fingers were directed at Apple when Google added the ocean to their maps.

  • Yo Yo Ma

    I'm looking for this reef on the new Apple Maps software. Is it really in the parking lot of a Wal-Mart?

    • Jeff

      You'll see it on apple maps after they steal it and sue someone

  • matt

    if youre wondering how the google car ended up in the ocean, it was using the iphone5

  • LIJay

    Google is taking over the universe. Amazing

  • Verbal_Kint

    This would have saved me a fortune on my honeymoon.
    Oh! Oh! Where are we going!?!?
    Right there… /Points at laptop w Google maps open.
    I'll be right back with a couple Mai-Tais and a heat lamp….

  • Marko

    isn't turtle's face supposed to be blurred out ?

  • Kcruz09

    Where's the treasure?

  • cjuncosa

    First one to find the first underwater hooker corner wins!

  • Mikey

    When is Google maps going to get the upskirt view?

  • vahung

    This must be Google trolling Apple's iPhone maps guiding people through open water.

  • Perkins Maxwell

    and for all you non-scuba divers out there — this is why those of us who dive are @$#&ing obsessed. God I need to get underwater soon — it's been over 9 months.

  • Owen

    Why isn't the turtle's face blurry?

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