Prognosis… Asian (38 Photos)

  • MeepMeep

    y u no put tix up??

    • NeedNOLAtix

      <— keeps checking new albums for hidden tix link

      • MeepMeep

        <— does the same thing :p

  • poop

    I wanna see MOAR of the blond girl in the " best Friends" picture.

  • ThaGnome

    #13 rooster sauce

    • sfb101


      • thom

        She is hot.

    • herro

      sriracha is asian Tabasco

    • Mah

      What the fuck is looster sauce?

    • Otis Onedude

      Cock sauce

    • Charlie Sheen

      Mix it with horse radish and you've got yourself some horse cock sace!

  • Roderick

    I watched #17 for way too long…

  • Andre

    Come on everybody KCCO. It will be ok

  • DonkeyontheEdge

    This has gotta be some sort of joke. 3 posts around the time that the meetup is supposed to be posted. Maybe the key to finding out how to get tickets is hidden somewhere in the three posts…like some sort of sick treasure hunt.

  • tv_paul

    #29 I hope he doesn't do any "Grinding" with this or his penis might get caught in the gears.

  • rickvds

    wtf is that :')

    • Black6dog

      Concentrated nightmares

    • Handjob Murphy

      I always enjoy the peculiar Asian stuff, but this thing is so perfectly bizarre that I am laughing aloud, or "LA" as the kids like to sext each other. I watched it for 8 minutes steady and was choking, I laughed so hard. It is wonderful.

    • Sam

      Its the stay puft marshmallow man trying to eat its young!

  • tv_paul

    #13 Good girl, she looks perfectly comfortable with a cock on her chest.

    • Verbal_Kint

      That think squirts hot loads…. of sauce… hot sauce… fuck it, i'm out.

  • misschris

    #38 I like to think that this person is wondering just what the fuck they're doing with their life.

    • 6655321

      I imagine you mean me watching it for 10 mintues trying to figure out how to recreate it.

  • bob_the_cook

    #28- gave me instant heebie-jeebies

    • RSocks

      #38 gave me the heebie-jeebies.

  • Mike

    $7.22 to ship three stickers? Not cool….

  • Yo Yo Ma

    #11 Find her, him, ummm, her, whatever.

  • sfb101

    Circle jerk, your doing it wrong.

    • Lboogie13


    • Notknowing

      Maybe they're humming it.

    • Blerg

      Find the chink in this chain…go!

  • Alex

    #14 James Hyneman gets around doesn't he


    #38. A few inches higher and we will have a blindfolded Asian.

    • average chiver

      haha, yeah cos they have small eyes

  • chicago

    #14 what a cow.

  • Underbaker

    #25 I think we found Mac's asian counterpart.

  • BWaecker

    #25 I thought you weren't allowed to eat in class.

  • MigraineBoy

    #32 Shitty bike.

  • AllInADay

    I saw three Asian men ask a homeless man in NYC directions to Carnegie Hall. He screams back at them: "You found Pearl Harbor with no problem!"
    True story…

    • Brad


  • Dustin

    That #6 photobomb, too good

  • luke atmydik

    Ha asians seem to be the group everyone is ok to make fun of. Make fun of a black person and every pc privileged chiver goes apeshit thinking they are a good person for fighting prejudice

    • Hara

      I don't think it's as much making fun as it is celebrating how awesomely weird they can be.
      All us white people just look stupid when we do that stuff.
      Just my opinion.

    • Mackin

      You think this is bad/weird/notable? Here's an experiment. At a home computer, turn off safe search on Google. Do an image search for "American", you'll see flags and eagles, etc. Search for "European" and you'll see collections of European flags, maps, etc. "African" gets maps, jungle and Savanna imagery, and pictures of black people. Now do an image search for "Asian". (NSFW, you have been warned.)

      • sagasha

        ??? All I see are a thousand tiny penises.

    • @laurentaryn

      It's cuz we're awesome and like making fun of ourselves too!

    • apeshit

      apeshit… haha nice one

    • Kenny

      Go to Toyko for a week, you'll think you're on a whole different planet.

  • Jezza67

    Slow down man, I've been so drunk for the last three days that I can't keep up.

  • Dick

    Ha! It's so fun to laugh at and mock another culture! You guys at the Chive are the living end!

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