Prognosis… Asian (38 Photos)

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  • Ryan

    some of this is funny admittedly, but it's mostly just blatantly racist. Look at the asians being…asian! Yeah, why don't you just film yourselves calling all asians chink or imitate horrible english accents. What a riot! Seriously this site sucks, the poster who thinks hes funny by posing as burt reynolds is a bigoted idiot and whoever actually finds this acceptable is a moron as well.

  • Eder


    Find the girl on the way on the left!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #4 – so wrong, yet hilarious.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • virakhem

    On second thought, after reading a lot of the distasteful comments, I'm pretty against this thread.

  • lasergunsandtoast

    I really hate this post. I mean the pictures are funny yes, but it's the title that really gets me. I thought Chive was about equality. It's posts like these that have become ammo for ignorant people, and has transformed the word "Asian" into the "N word". I've been called asian this and asian that. People love saying it to our faces in a derogatory fashion. My whole life I've been ridiculed for being Asian, constantly reminded that I am asian, and reminded that I am foreign even though I was born in America. I used to laughed it off, but now it's just not funny anymore. Way to single out one race Chive.

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #13 Not THATS a hot woman… heh

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