Tickets for theCHIVE’s official New Orleans Meetup available right now!

new orleans meetup Tickets for theCHIVEs official New Orleans Meetup available right now!

Here’s your chance, Chivers. This Friday, September 28th, theCHIVE is coming to The Big Easy for an official Chive Meetup and a free screening of Seven Psychopaths before anybody else sees it. We’re hosting the screening at the AMC Elmwood at 6:30 pm. Seven Psychopaths stars Colin Farrel and Woody Harrelson (Opening Oct. 12th). We’ve seen it and it’s deliciously hilarious.

Right after the screening we’ll all head over to the Bourbon Cowboy in the French Quarter. From 9-12pm, we’re going to tee off on Bourbon Street. Tickets are cheap (thanks to Seven Psychopaths) and the cost includes as much beer as you can drink for the night.

Tickets available RIGHT HERE. (Limit 2 per person)

AMC Elmwood
1200 Elmwood Park Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70123

Bourbon Cowboy
241 Bourbon St.
New Orleans, LA
9pm – 12am

Mac has been invited. We apologize ahead of time, there’s no excuse for him. Enjoy the Seven Psychopaths trailer below.

UPDATE: Many of the tickets are ‘PENDING’ but don’t give up. If a Chiver goes to checkout, he has 15 minutes to purchase or his/her tickets are released back into the pool. Many Chivers are getting lucky so keep refreshing!

UPDATE #2!: We’ve had a lot of Chivers and Chivettes email us because they just can’t make the early 6:30pm screening, but can make the Chive meetup, some have some very valid points. If you want to attend the meetup only, that’s ok. Just print up your ticket and have it ready at the Bourbon Cowboy. But do try to make the screening, it’s going to be a blast.

UPDATE #3: All tickets SOLD OUT.

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  • Jessica

    See you all there! It's gonna be a night for the books.

  • Irish777

    Every time I see a meet up, I die a little inside cause I'm no where near any of them

  • Emilie

    About to release the 2 tix in ly basket : just noticed attendance to the screening is mandatory and my bf works till 10pm 😦
    Get back on eventbrite guys!

    • HatBomb

      See the update. Not required.

  • Mr. Beard

    Never mind this shit! Where the hell is hump day !!!!!

  • skunkboy

    already printed out me and my girls tickets…woot woot!!

  • Patches

    Hey it's updated, you don't have to make the screening to go to the meetup afterwards.

  • Shabooms

    Oh buddy. Let the weird begin. See y'all's fine asses Friday!

  • Eric D.

    I would love to go but I am working.

  • Lowrent75

    Sold out for Chivers? Already. Oh well.

  • MickeyPhin

    What is Hump day without Humps?

  • clenis

    Is the movie as good as Bucky Larson?

  • @LosSaysSwag

    Of course I missed the ticket sale.

    Oh well, hopefully everyone wanders out to Bourbon after midnight.

  • Digdug


    I will have to miss it…. I work offshore, and left out today… Damnnit…. I can not believe this.



  • Rocco

    Roadtrip from Chicago to New Orleans…see you guys in 15 hours!!

  • nick

    i have an extra chiver ticket….. can i bring a chivett instead???

    • Tamara

      Nick, I will exchange w u. I bought two under chivette. One for me and one for my chiver for his birthday. Need a chiver ticket for him. Will trade ya.

  • @KCCONola

    Glad I bought my ticket when I did! And I am really gonna try to make it to the screening! Got a room on bourbon and check in is at 3pm soooo if I can leave work at 1:30 I'm good to go! Follow me on twitter! @kccoNola

  • Tina

    Are you kidding?!?!?! I suggested NOLA and missed tickets?!? Help a Chivette out guys!!!

  • Toomany_Beers

    Happy Birthday John!!
    Will buy you a beer when I see you tonight!

  • INeedBetterFriends

    What happens if I accidentally have an extra ticket because my sketch buddy bailed on me last minute?

    • TAmara

      Extra girl or extra guy ticket? I have girl ticket, need to switch w guy ticket

      • INeedBetterFriends

        Extra guy ticket.

  • Tamara

    Shit !!! Just realizing the tickets are gender specific! Bought two for my chivers birthday do we can go. Will they let us in? I bought them under chivette. they won't ruin his present will they?


    I'm ready to ditch this office and start to pregame b/c it's Friday and is SURE DGAF!

  • Rob

    The Bourbon Cowboy and The Beach on Bourbon (right next door, way bigger) are running a 3 for 1 drink special until 9pm at The Beach and 10pm at The Bourbon Cowboy downstairs if you get there early. Beads are for sale upstairs at The Bourbon Cowboy. You get 10 strands of regular beads and it's $5.

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