A little inspiration goes a long way (27 Photos)


    #24…pretty sure that is a reworded interpretation from Proverbs.


      #23… pardon.

  • Jeeneeus


    What if the goal is to worry?

    • Tyler P

      Worrying about worrying to accomplish worrying is still the same outcome.

  • Face

    #1, day man, keeper of the night man, champion of the sun

  • devilfish73

    #25 Haiku Stairs, Oahu — a breathtaking hike! Aloha.

  • Mark Twain


    Hey! You stole my line!
    Honest Abe my ass!

    • King Solomon

      No Mark, ye stoleth my lineth

      • SJEF

        Actually a greek philosopher was first recorded saying it.

  • Beaker

    #25 Stairway to Heaven – Windward side of Oahu, HI. Beautiful views from up there!

  • Don Givadam

    #23 – that quote has been attributed to at least a dozen different people. Somebody is full of shit.

    • Colin

      Meant to thumb up. Bumped down. Consider this worth two thumbs up.

    • Twain's Son

      Mark Twain is the correct answer.

  • MLR

    #27 I would frame this and hang it up

  • http://twitter.com/MonsterThought @MonsterThought

    #24 what if the best you can be is second?

    • Tyler P

      Then you're done with yourself.

      • Tyler P

        And refer to #16

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #16 Like marriage, kids, mortgage, etc. You want to live free and happy, avoid these things. On the mortgage, at least keep it as small as you can stand. KCCO

    • Justin Credible

      Depends on what type of mortgage we're talking about. A mortgage on a rental property, in most cases, would GIVE you money/freedom. Sounds like a good thing to me

  • Alex

    #24 is from Tee Fury… Bad form chive, Bad Form!!!!

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #27 thats the truth right there nothing good happens when you do

  • Ripley

    So the only quote here attributed to a woman, shows her topless and sitting on a piano. The quotes attributed to men however, don't do this.

    • Tyler P

      Get over it


    #1 I was just saying that a few days ago until I got a job that pays better than my last job.

  • Terwilliger

    #20 A rule I live by. That being said, Randy Quaid must be a genius.
    I really would like this as a T-shirt.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #8 – i smell a new bk advertising campaign. lol.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • CodeName

    #3 That last line is perfect.

  • Evan

    #20 ! Make it into the DFA!

  • Bob

    #21…Didn't he take this from fight club??

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