Feels like a good day to burn some bras (55 Photos)

  • Zeus

    We are Gods servants, without us women would be homosexual. Nov. 18th Clive Calver at Walnut Hill so-called Community Church was jumping to conclusions by insinuating that somehow women maybe "listen" more than men do, and it was embarrassing having a young girl crying inappropriately in front of me with his misguided sermon preached. Which it is anytime somebody tries to draw conclusions like that, that supposedly women presumedly would have more so-called faith than men, what a bunch of malarky. They listen to Lucifer alot more than us men do, we sure as heck never chose to be wiseguys and tried to make women felons for giving us compliments.

  • pat

    #16 if you come around Ottawa let me know 😉

  • David Fp

    Nice rack 2, girls look great too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/trevor.rusher Trevor Rusher

    #14 will you please may me???

  • ItsOverFatKid

    i love wiconsin girls

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