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    #32,Vince McMahon is a genius.

    • biff

      50 years from now, that scene is still going to be a highlight.

    • AssHaterson

      Fucking GO HAWKS!!!!

      • ChuckBuck

        and take the Mariners with you….

    • JWS

      OH!… I see what you did there…. clever.

  • dibdy

    #21 Anyone up for swords?

    • NorCal420

      Sword play and corner toilets… le sigh… some one lost their job! lmfao

    • sfb101

      Never cross the streams!

  • PagingDrDickey

    #3 what's wrong with this one? I think it's a pretty good Drive costume

    • asdasd

      no… just no.

    • Shenanigans

      Because he's probably wearing it to the clubs. In July.

      • PagingDrDickey

        No, its a halloween costume. It was posted on Reddit a week or so ago

    • guest

      Lmao, he was probably like "this outfit is gonna make me look so cool. Chicks are going to dig it"

    • bryanole27

      Keep Calm and Drive On?

    • Notknowing

      That movie SUCKED!

      • Scaggnettii

        movie was fuckin brutal and extremely entertaining. But KCCO buddy!

        • foogy

          damn hipster

      • Jen

        i thought it sucked too. he didnt even take his fucking shirt. wtf?

      • Static

        i agree… sucked. boring.. slow… dumb story… i watched 2 hrs of a guy that barely talked, barely drove, and stood against walls looking like it hurt to think.

        • Yourmom

          Wicked gay movie

    • MonkeyMadness

      What movie was it?

    • Fritz

      unpopped collar in movie

  • MigraineBoy

    #3 That might actually work.

    • teh chobe

      is this from magic mike?

  • loves sammiches

    #8 Bisexual corner is confused.

  • r00s7a

    #23 That's what you get for wearing your little sister's jeans

  • Steve

    #19 The guy in the bottom left is creeping me out. "That's right, Michelle, the whole thing …"

    • suckmedry

      *all the way off

      • Yourmom

        ^^^ fucking love this guy, where you been

        • Gonasiphaherpalitis

          Busy getting sucked off by Paula is my guess.

  • lovebeingachivette

    #29 that basil will taste really weird with that flavor combo.

    • r00s7a

      You spelled mint wrong

      • ScientificBoink

        except the bottom one IS using basil leaves. that's the fail part – the rest is pretty decent, considering.

      • clenis

        It's mint on top and basil on the bottom, so the op is right.

    • GRyde

      Nice catch! Yeah mint works.

    • NorCal420

      that cheese or tofu? or soy? is there a difference? and why does this Rubik cube fall apart when i pick it up? 😦

      • Cornrow Wallace

        Feta Cheese

    • Mrmin24

      Close, but the devil is in the details. The way the kiwi is cut and the feta to watermelon ratio.

  • GRyde

    #2 F-ck! Too creepy!

    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      Looks kinda like Ellen.

  • loves sammiches

    #19 Didn't even have to chew.

  • rob

    Go Minnesota!

    • Vent187


      • Ross

        That's actually UM Crookston… And no, they are NOT the Chefs.

  • Rick


    Well, it does say "Safety begins with you" … not me.

  • phoneboy

    #6 – i've had the Facebook app do this while traveling too.. it was still showing my old location until I killed & relaunched it. Everything else was working (maps, foursquare, etc) but Facebook said I was 600 miles away from where I was. It happens. 🙂

    • Jawbone

      Unless you're the fucking idiot who thinks Costa Rica is in Florida.

      • Jawboner

        look closer, the first person said they were in Costa Rica, but it said their actual location was Florida at the moment.

    • @nickinwarcal


    • The Guy

      Cool story

    • fuck it

      fuck yeah!!! costa rica!!!!!

  • non, a

    I don't believe you… #28

  • moondog

    #19 Dont worry baby i wont…he,he,he

  • rob

    Looks like Michele Bachmann, Congresswomen for Minnesota's 6th district. Guess she likes the foot longs!

    • dah der

      that is Michele Bachmann and she will take a corndog in any and every hole.

      • DGAF


      • Bucky Jones

        A corndog in her cornhole

  • dah der

    #21 cool, my dick is forked and it's always a mess in the bathroom.

    • chiverX

      I have a piercing, the pee comes from all holes

    • Aaron G

      Lmao man. Good form

  • Forest

    #19 #26 Minnesota with a STRONG showing. You betcha!

    • MN Expat

      Hey–that's ya sure you betcha! Especially with her accent.

      • Bamajess

        bwahaha Oh, heck ya, youbetcha!


    #21 Don't cross the streams!

  • im_140.6

    #26…..Read about it on SI Hot Clicks, and the guy actually apologized, and made it clear that the person that painted the logo, did it before the yard markers were on the field. But you just ripped the pic…

    • Mah

      Nuance has no place here. GET OUT.

    • Eric_Le_Awesome

      They should have just painted the midfield line where the logo was, and let the endzone painters deal with it when they got to the ends.

  • dah der

    #19 sure she's a loony biotch, but I challenge you to find a hotter congresswoman.

    • rob

      Al Franken – LOL LOL LOL

    • Boomer Sooner

      What fuckin picture are you looking at? She looks like a homeless meth addict who is eating for the first time in 5 days.

    • loves sammiches

      Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona…she may not be the most attractive, but she hits from both sides of the plate. If ya know what I mean.

      • Rep Kristi Noem

        Shit, I'm waaaay fucking hotter than both them bitches.

        • majorfathead

          Why yes you are and I love your bed head hair! Very juicy cougar! Grrrrrr!

  • AB Bhatia

    #20 Would upset me

  • hu flung poo

    #11 I think I have that same exact f'n hose!!! Dammit!

    • That's me

      Sweet, I took that picture! First picture to make it!

  • Andy

    #22 is the best pizza in Tallahassee!

    • Mah

      Its decent.

    • emini

      haha wouldn't go that far, but it's good

    • Parker

      Amen to that!

    • Gahma-Cohma-Lahma

      Agreed. I was starting to think there were no other Chivers here.

    • Phil_Urhole

      Momo's blows decent pizza outta the water

      • michaeldrich


    • michaeldrich


  • SpankMe

    #11 The same claim was made by my ex girlfriend… needless to say, I ended up getting bent too…

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