Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (31 Photos)

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  • jessed

    #28 ah that's pretty sad dude don't wanna see that

    • InvertedCheeze

      thanks for depressing me, chive.

      • bewbz

        what the hell is wrong with you for putting this up there? first that pic from the other day that depressed everyone and now this!

        • mittens

          I think the dog is just getting a cast, and not put down (check the right front leg). If it is getting put down, I hope Alec shits his pants in public.

          • Arn2000

            Caught this post on Reddit the other day, dog is indeed being put down. Definitely not a picture I expected to catch on here. Was not prepared to be depressed by this picture a second time.

    • Terwilliger

      It shows we all love our pets, weather they're Yorkies or Pit Bulls. I cried like a baby when I had to put my first pit down….. and my second, I don't know what I'll do with myself the next time.

      • Terwilliger


  • CincyHere

    #26 = win

  • Whitney

    #2 …congratulations?

  • Kodos

    Thought the "aww" post was the previous one… got somethng in my eye…yeah, that's it.

  • Bob

    For anyone that's ever had to put a dog down, this picture is so sad and familiar.

    • vmalnd98

      2nd worst day of my life hugging my old Boxer as he was put down * sigh RIP

      • Cecil

        Amongst the worst 2 days of my life, my dad made me put a dog down as a kid, i had the dog brother as a pet for 17 years and it died abruptly on my lap one night.

    • mlolz556

      Oh man, I know I'm gonna be a mess the day i have to do this to my pooch…..

    • Marklar

      I think the dog just has a busted leg, I doubt Chive would put a picture of a dogs last moments as just a simple "take the good with the bad" gallery. I mean the dog has a little cast on, people need to stop being to dramatic.

      • Terwilliger

        I've been there. That is not a cast, it is an I.V. We all lose what we love eventually and even the tough looking guys can love a little pup like this.

      • Otter

        Had to do this recently to my friend. Cried for a week. He was unconscious when we did it so I didn't have to look into his eyes (that would have killed me).

  • Nicnac

    #13 someone getting third degree burns to the skull is not funny.

    • Masturbating Monkey

      Maybe not, but watching his hair go all Michael Jackson is pretty damn funny.

    • FunKiller

      Well, sometimes you win…sometimes you lose…..he lost…a lot of hair.

    • CowboyChiver

      It is when it's captured on video!

  • Kp1000

    #5 He got into those pants, he should be able to get out of that swing.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Way to go dumbass, what made you think you could fit in there in the first place? Now the swing is ruined.

  • Anonymous

    #28 made me cry😦

  • ottawabouncer

    #28 Made me cry. My little guy was put to sleep on Oct 1, 2011 so this one really hit home.

  • @RollinDeathStar


    Jesus… wtf?

  • Brad

    #28 Even tough guys got a soft spot for dogs.

  • Rachel James

    #12 i still say its your spark plugs

  • rob

    On fire – grab camera, take pic before putting out

    • crazydog

      Thats what those damned foreigners get for using weird power plugs

  • TXChiver

    #23 I love the freaked out look at first, then the smile of relief when he realizes hes ok

  • Jezdezpez

    #28 makes me sad😦

  • SabiBaby316

    #28 Chive how is this on this post. this is neither funny or a fail. To the owner of #28 i am so sorry for your loss. it takes so much heart to have to do this. I had no choice but to put my little yorkie to sleep last week because the Osteosarcoma spread and he went downhill fast. Takes a lot to be there in the room for the process. I just couldnt be there for it.

    • Sly

      Was wondering why this would be on here as well, but I thought it was just me overreacting.

    • Chivexican

      The dog has a broken leg, chill out. And sabi, stop fucken killing your dogs. Damn, 5?

      • SabiBaby316

        this dog does not have a broken leg. and i dont kill my dogs you ignorant bastard. hope you get bone cancer and go to hell.

  • Cin

    #26 DUDE! Clean your nails! Nasty ass!

  • Robw

    #28 I know how that guy feels, had to do it twice in the last year + with the little guys I grew up with. How the hell is this "awesome, fail or funny"?

  • FunKiller

    #20 You have just been friendzoned my……friend?

  • Nick

    #28 is absolutely uncalled for. I love dogs and love my dog to death, but there is no reason this picture should be a part of any album on the chive.

    • SSmaniac

      I agree Chive. At first I thought the little guy had a broken leg or something, but the overwhelming consensus is that this dog was put to sleep. Not funny. Never funny. Low class, Chive. I'm disappointed in you…

      • mittens

        The same handful of panicky over-dramatic posters does not an "overwhelming consensus" make. Chill.

      • Otter

        It's not intended to be funny. Not everything here is 'funny.' What it is is a part of life and this picture encompasses both of this album's theme. Winning – the companionship of the dog who touched his heart, and losing a friend.


    #2 Don't care would still hit it.

  • Knucklebutt

    That's racist!!

  • Paul

    #28 well that wrecked the mood.

  • Erik

    Take #28 down immediately. Pathetic that was posted. Lost a bit of respect for you guys.

  • well waddaya know?

    #2, cumgardulations on your award! I'm sure you have so many people/horses you want to thank.

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