Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (31 Photos)

  • @MonsterThought


    Two options
    1- Lawsuit
    2- Complain and get free sandwiches for life. Only risk is would you trust to get free sandwiches from a place that served raw chicken?

  • Rusty_Dreams

    #28 Alec, you screwed up this time. Big time! This is so wrong to post. I've had to do this 4 times in my life so far, and after a vet appt Monday I may be doing it again soon. Each time it hurts too much to describe. The next one will be with the best dog I've ever had or known. It's tearing me up waiting on Monday. You need to take a serious look at your own character and ethics. If I were John, I'd be giving you a warning that if anything like this happens again, you'll no longer be a part of theChive.

    • Steve

      Damn str8

    • SabiBaby316

      agreed. i had to do this just last week and my pup looked just like this one. the CHIVE owes an apology!

    • Eli

      Come on! Chill out. I've done this several times and it was really hard, but I didnt take ofense, some times you win sometimes you lose and this picture is the latter, I felt moved but not offended.

  • BallGag4X_Mas

    #28 Poor guy…I'll have to admit that did hurt my heart a little

  • George

    Man I wish you hadn't posted that last one….I just put my 17 year old dog down a few weeks ago and that cathater(?) brings back bad f%%king memories….

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #26 that is glorious

  • Dave

    #12 I say shut the hood and turn on the car and heat up that. #28 yeah real hard core Mexican

    • Beelzebub

      You're an idot, not only are you just a worthless, small dicked child for writing this comment, but it's not even remotely creative or funny. I bet you are that guy that ruins the mood wherever you show up because you always say immature and unoriginal things that just makes everyone hate you just that much more each time. At least try to be a little bit creative next time, even though I'm sure your tiny shiriveled up brain doesn't have the capacity to come up with anything on its own. Good day sir.

  • DDD

    #26 oh, the deception!

  • clutchmedic

    #28 What the hell? We need some context, overwhelmingly it looks as though his pup is being put down, terrible taste

  • Cecil

    #28, was his dog just euthanized?

  • Paulie

    How about you guys do a "Find Him" for 28 and make sure the little guy just has a busted leg? Please?

    • Dawei


      • SabiBaby316

        unfortunately from experience its not a busted leg. I really hope that Alec and John appoligize for posting this up on the wrong section.

        • mittens

          They put casts on dogs to put them down? I'll have to tell my vet; this is probably news to her.

  • Marko

    #28 is a low blow. You need to apologize to everyone for that. Especially anyone who has had to go through that shit. Bad form!!!

  • kdbruceintx

    #6 how awesome, congrads

  • Mike

    #8 has already been in about 5 other albums, too much repeating chive!

  • bkfrijoles


  • Quasi

    Not sure why you would think this one was funny. This is what it looks like when your dog is about to be "put to sleep".

  • Jason

    #7 at least it's real chicken unlike that sh*t at McDonalds

  • Chiver_Sammy

    Was it a coincidence that the dirtiest girl is #2

  • Alan

    #12 FUUUUCK …

  • peever86

    #22 looks like Walter Gretzky. Another score for the Great One.

  • Gursch

    #27 How did this really finish? Broken tail bone?

  • unknown

    Chive should have American prognosis!

  • Scott

    With everyone posting about #28, thought it would only be fair to link the Redit article regarding this picture.

    Warning to those who feed their dogs and pets food and treats made in China or over seas to save a buck.

  • Kyle

    #12 DaFuq?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #9 – wtf kinda fish is that!!?

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Versari

    #13 HOLY FUCK!

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