• butters

    Loading…. Annnd their gone

    • butters


      • Tom

        Good save

  • Jeremy Nanerpus Bruce

    Scored the New Navy FF to go with my Red! Going to wear proudly on Truck 29 in Nashville!!! Keep Calm and Chive On!

    • napiersworld

      Maybe I'll run into you Jeremy. I'm a Volunteer FF in Pegram (near NFD station 34).

    • FireMedicSlim

      What's up Nashvegas? Man, you guys have one of the sweetest department patches!!

  • J_Ace

    Got mine!!!

  • NMFF

    Got me 2 Navy ones, thanks Chive!

    • NMFF

      Navy FF KCCO, that is

  • Evilscooby


  • sjd

    Sitting this one out. Not a firefighter and already got my military. Good Luck all! KCCO

  • Striker F66

    All out of Large in every color. Got a Navy Firefighter. I support all my friends. KCCO!

  • Ade

    Got me a navy one…..yes!

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    Got my white tee!

  • napiersworld

    I just got both a red and a navy blue Firefighter shirt. My luck ran dry the last time these were offered. But this time I had mad computer skills (read this as constant browser refreshing) on my side. SCORE!!!

  • Tim

    Navy KCCO. Success.

  • bob_the_cook

    Sweet! A sand military KCCO each for me and my overseas Marine brother. He'll be so stoked!


      Except your Marine brother would probably want the OD green

  • GearDownNoGreen

    Got Navy and White but missed out on the sand for under the flight suit. Damn.

    • Brett

      Got 2 tans for my flight suit hahaha C-17 AIRCREW!!

  • alanaka24

    Got a navy and a red, WITH the discount code. Suck it.

    • Johnny V

      you should post that code 4 all the slackers

    • Jonny5

      Way to make FF's look like assholes. You must be so cool to have a discount code. Suck some pole douche.
      BTW got my shirts!

  • Mason

    Just bought my blue one to match the red. Thanks Chive !!!

  • Slushiest MJ

    I Gotz me 2 i say 2 military shirts!!!! WHOOT kcco

  • Rita Markes Boveri

    Got my mine!!!

  • ArmyNCO

    Just got Tshirts for me and my whole Team..i am the best team leader ever, and one for the PL…

    • sjd

      Good job looking out for your men.

    • Nate

      Well give him the shirt and try and take away the compass while you have him distracted.


    yes i got 10 to sell on ebay!!!!

    • Johnny V

      @ least ur honest

      but ripping off chivers is one thing; but making servicemen pay top dollar on ebay is a new low

    • crustybubblechunks

      Your order should be rescinded

    • tom

      Cancel this tools order John

    • USMC

      this guy is the reason why I was not able to purchase my Large Green Military KCCO, apprently my multiple deployments and years of military service dont mean shit to this tool bag, but thats ok I'll just KCCO and wait till next time Chive puts them back up.

      • Dov

        so this is the reason i couldn't buy one for my best friends' birthday, who is serving…..hmmm good to know…

    • Army guy

      You're a tool. I won't buy an eBay one. I hope neither of my service brethren won't either. We fight for your freedom and you take advantage. Karma will get you. NIce screen name. Cats….what an douche.

      • sehem

        probably a troll anyway. I wouldnt trust ebay for genueine shirts anyway. bootleg on the other hand…

    • cody

      ur a fucking d bag

  • Rita Markes Boveri

    WOW in my excitement – I made NO sense!! I got mine!

  • Adrenaline

    Canadian Military KCCO's Next Please!!

  • TME

    Got myself two, plus a tumbler. Loving the discount code, too! Chive On!

    • capers

      whats the code????

  • Johnny V

    woot white chive shirt and navy KCCO

    Now I can get back to trying to not fail Calculus

    • bob_the_cook

      You and me both. What version are you taking?

  • Lyle

    Got one of each! KCCO from a Greensboro, NC Firefighter!

  • jess

    What about the girls?!?! You know we serve tooooo

    • Joe

      Then you know you wear the same shirt underneath as the men.

      • mika.beth

        Youre right we do but some girls like myself are very petite and in the military and we buy our own undershirts for uniforms. You know…Ones that fit us appropriately. So i think its a fair suggestion to add womens sizes.

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