• Corey

    BALLZ! I just got home from my shift! Not even one freaking hour. Sad day.

  • Kelcey

    Got my red and navy FF tees for me and one of my other FF's and a Future Chiver onesie for his newborn son! KCCO Babe!!

  • maDUECEgunner

    It's my birthday, and all I wanted was to get an army shirt, but they are already sold out. Wish I had one on deployment….

  • gelardi

    it disgusts me that some shitbag civilian is wearing one of these or making a quick buck off them on ebay.

    • Ishbag_civie

      lol I'll see ya on my eBay auction soon

      • gelardi

        dont count on it, hoss.

  • Larry

    Got my red and blue FF!!!! Thanks chive from pottsville Arkansas!!!!!!!

  • FFmedicFATTY

    Got a blue to go with the red and green! WIN!!

    KCCO from Southaven, MS

    • FireMedicSlim

      Woo hoo!

  • chiver from ID

    My father served for 22 years, i am proud to have got one and will wear it with pride, ive lost many friends over the last 10 years that served as well, i will wear it for all of them as well .. i may not be serving but i am more then happy to wear it and am so thankfully for those that are serving so my family and i can be safe!!! kcco to everyone over seas!!!! come back safely!!!!!

  • Christopher Robin

    Crap!!! Do you make 6 at a time? 😦

  • Rob

    Still no police ones 😦

    • goodguysfan

      Agreed. This bums me out. We need Police KCCOs!

  • cdn

    Said it before and I'll say it again… Military shouldn't be sharing the spotlight with firefighters.

    They should make Police and EMS KCCO's, and have an "emergency services" grouping with Fire/Police/EMS. Then the military can have it's own launch days again.

    • phoneboy

      That's a good idea. I'm a firefighter who does EMS so I would love to see both.

    • Strange

      I'm in the military and take no offense to "..sharing the spotlight…" It's a t-shirt sale, fercryinoutloud.

      One team, one fight.

  • KNL

    I am new to Chive thanks to my boyfriend. He told me to get on today after class if he was not able to get on. With my skills I was able to get two navy kcco. As I was about to send him the e-mail conf. he text me saying he was able to get a Med. I see us re-gifting one of the shirts to someone else that he works with. KCCO

  • M to the Z

    Im always training and always miss this. Notifications don't work.. I want a Brown Tee for my Uni!!!!!!!!!!!

  • randy

    got the red and blue ff for engine 1701 an 1401

  • GetHigh&KCCO

    I'm an Air Force pilot who would love to grab a sand KCCO shirt but apparently nobody is at work at noon on a Thursday?! C'mon Chive make it fair for the U-2 drivers having lunch at 70,000 ft and open the sale after business hours for once!

    • Nofuck

      well I guess theres one good thing about being in a different timezone haha

  • Ally

    So excited I was able to snag one this afternoon before they sold out. It's the perfect Welcome Home surprise for my soldier coming home in a couple weeks.

  • Basil

    come on law enforcement shirts

  • ole'smoke eater

    Some of us were to busys eating smoke to F5

  • Canucks_Rule

    hope all the firefighters and military folk got their tees!!

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Nate

    Purchased straight from Afghanistan, thanks chive !

  • Izzy

    WOW, sold out…I'm guessing all you pricks who aren't even in the military got your hands on one while those of us that are in the military can't because of you all. Thanks a lot.

    • Izzy

      Hey guys I'm sorry about that outburst.
      I'm just pissed I didn't set an alarm for this.I'm such a loser.

  • William Senecal

    Scored a navy and white one for myself since sand sold out before I could checkout, and two green ones for the two Marines I work with. Pretty stoked! KCCO!

  • JoeFriday

    Where be the police ones?!?

    • Snoololo

      Where be yo grammar niggah? But yeah fo real where be da popo ones?

  • Firemedic147

    Dang medical call when they went on sale and gone when I got back. I missed my first chive shirt because of a bs call!

  • Steve5Oh

    Please, I know people hate police, but there are so many loyal/not asshole cop chiver's who want to represent, especially since you've provided our professional nemesis (firefighters) with a t-shirt.

  • Abu

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