TV shows and movies if they were re-shot today (24 Photos)

Via Mandatory

  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 they may have gotten older, but they are just as funny if not more so

    • swedishchefborkbork

      All bullshit aside, I would totally watch a reboot of one of those films.

      • JustAnotherGuy

        You do know they're attempting to make ghostbusters 3, right?

    • Woop

      if you look closely, you'll see that these images have been shopped.

    • Steve

      Bill Murray is the man, but Harold Ramis is also at total stud and one of the best.

  • VegasMarcy

    #16 made me kind of sad 😦

    • Child Please

      What? That kid's awesome!

      • Masturbating Monkey

        Made me spew coffee all over my monitor.

    • Mike

      Made me say "fuck, that's awesome"

    • Anon

      What makes me sad is that Mila Kunis used to be his girlfriend.

    • poop

      Ever seen Party Monster? Thats how I view him now… I dont know why.

    • Angela

      loving this picture choice

  • BigtotheD

    #7 #8 Winner!

    • Deep Dish

      And that's why we don't need Ghostbusters 3

  • Hanx

    #2 Who shrunk the head of Tori Spelling? I've never seen a horse's head look so small.

    • techno_viking

      Still would.

    • PUNisher

      NEIGH neither have I!

  • FarmBoy

    #16 some how all the commentary on the poster still fights very well

  • Awm

    9 and 10
    20 years later I'd still take some Nicole Kidman

  • Alfred

    Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  • savagecabbage

    #1 #2 The women on 90210 look better now

    • Mackin

      Is that really true, or since we're older, we like them more since they look like grown women? Luke Perry looks younger, actually.

  • Qwixel

    #6 Molly Ringwald, still hot, maybe hotter. Call me Molly, I'm single!

  • Qwixel

    #18 Bernie has either aged a lot for a dead man OR held up nicely without preservation. Can't tell which is more disturbing.

  • zissou

    #19 #20 Martin hasn't aged a day

    • Sean

      That just means he's looked 60 for the last 40 years

    • Sterling Archer

      Chevy on the other hand…

    • @timchipp

      Which Martin? Normally someone wouldn't need to ask this, but there are two in this photo.

      • Michael

        Steve Martin. That's an unheralded benefit, I suppose, of going prematurely grey.

  • Alex

    #5 #6 The red head got hotter

  • lucsev

    #22 Have you seen Charlie Sheen recently?

    • El Moose

      Old Guns

    • KyleGamgee

      I would watch that.

  • 'merica

    You have yet again ripped an entire post off of izismile dot com. You guys need you pull your heads out of your asses. Also the Internet called from two days ago and want every picture back from the daily morning awesomeness. Taylor Morris would be ashamed, he would give his left arm for some original content. Eom

    • Simon

      There's a source link.

      And there are plenty of original posts on here.

      And your comment is old, tiring and offensive. You would probably be better off learning how to conduct yourself properly.

    • Child Please

      Holy shit dude it's the internet. Everybody's stealing from somebody, just like any other type of media. Now quit your bitchin. Btw that last-ditch effort to rally people behind you because you mentioned Taylor Morris is truly the only thing shameful going on here.

      And the douche of the week award goes to…..?

    • ImpressMe

      Dude..don't even bring Taylor Morris into your pathetic post….what the hell is wrong with you?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    The creepiest thing I ever saw was some movie with Tori Spelling faking a sex face. Goddamn…

    • TPM50

      She's one ugly bitch.

    • FknNickDuh

      So fucking ugly. Lucky cunt inherited fame or she'd be unknown. Only way she'd be in a movie would be stunt doubling for a horse.

  • SAChiverSteven


  • Dan

    #4 They should have put Geoff Peterson's head where Obi-Wan is.

    • marko

      they would probebly put Ewan Mcgregor's, though

    • Craigery

      No, they should have put a skull there.

  • Dan

    #21 was a great movie. Now I feel really, really old.

    • needitwantit

      what movie was that?

      • Anon

        Young guns. It also has a sequel. I absolutely loved those movies. Recommend you watch!

        • needitwantit

          Thank you Sir! I remember now ;p

          • Mike Cave

            I'll make you famous!

    • galf

      Lou Diamond Philips was my hero back in the day because of this movie

  • Just sayin'

    #9 #10
    Nicole Kidman: would then, and still would.

    • Child Please

      Okay, I see Jim Carrey on the first one, but who the fuck is the riddler on the second one? lol

    • Anon

      Um, Val Kilmer is HUGE now. I don't think they have a bat suit that could fit him.

  • crazydog

    Would you say I have a plethora?

    • Simon Phoenix

      Why El Guapo?

  • Kodos

    shaddup asshole

    • Anonymous

      You do know that it takes more than just the president to do anything right? I don't mean to take sides of democraticky or republican but the country would be in the same situation no matter what.

  • Kodos

    Kelly STILL wins!

    Strange, but Glenn Close is doin' sumthin' for me…

  • Mike

    I am both amazed and frigthtened by how well some of these people have held up over the years.

  • twoedges

    this post is a real downer… fuck you bob

    • Yeah

      Agreed. That made me feel old as fuck.

    • FknNickDuh

      I was thinking this post sucked too. But, because all they did was think of popular movies from the last handful of decades, google "[actor name] now", and paste faces in Microsoft Paint. Lazy bums.

  • Zim

    ha ha… they all got old… … I..I.. Im not

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