Amazing moments in history beautifully photographed (38 Photos)

Via Reddit.

  • MigraineBoy

    #18 Last photo? What ever happend?

    • Big Poppa

      derp Kate Winslett got her ta-ta's out

      • r@f

        #37 Planking before it was cool.

    • RandomHabit


    • Boomer Sooner

      If you believe Fox News, Obama sank it.

      • LACHIVER

        Thou shall not ruin this site with you're political bull shite… KCCO

      • Chris

        Best comment of the week!

      • guest

        EPIC FAIL!

      • Adam

        And if you believe the rest of the media…Obama tried to save it but Bush poked too big of a hole in it.

      • TPM50


    • Toba

      There's newer photos. Granted, its sitting on the ocean floor.

    • johnq

      someone yelled "I am king of the world" and a German U-boat sunk it. LOL

    • Alien28

      Somali pirates hijacked it and cut it up and sold it for scrap metal. They took the women and children as slaves and killed the men and boys. It was in all of the papers, surprised you missed it.

    • lat297

      Leonardo di Caprio died.

      • Tony

        WHAT?!?! NOOOOOO!!!!

      • TPM50


    • fuxslutzbuttz

      Aliens, that's what.

  • Big Poppa

    #38 that's the style chaps

    • Big Poppa

      oops i meant #24

  • kevin

    i thought everyday life before the 70's was just black and white

  • Ralph

    Amazed and depressed at the same time.

    • Winged Commander


  • USA

    #12 Should be the middle east next

    • chbeers


    • Shockteck

      And here we go.

    • Scaggnettii

      couldn't agree more

    • Projekt_J

      glass parking lot

    • Dom

      Really… Stopping the violense by killing more?!

      Reminds me of a line I heard in the Simpsons when they're trying to dig their way out of a hole…

      ''No no no… dog UP stupid!''

      • smashy

        I agree with you, bombing the middle East won't stop violense, no matter where the USA bombs, illiteracy will still be rampant.

        BUT, if the USA does bomb the Middle East and those idiot extremists, VIOLENCE would be stopped or reduced greatly worldwide.

        "Yes yes yes…..spelling mistakes when saying a group is stupid, makes you a total fucking retard" you TWATWAFFLE

      • Reality

        Violence isn't always the answer, but sometimes it is the only answer.

      • TPM50

        Peace through strength fuck face.

    • mike

      should never again happen to anyone. Why dont we blow one up your a$$ !!!

    • sharon

      Really? So you're all for murdering women and children? Not to mention probably hurting your own family with the the nuclear waste that would eventually contaminate your food? Glad you're not in charge of dropping the bombs.

      • silky

        What food do you eat that comes from Aghanistan?

        • lols

          i love me a good poppy, herion, and marijuana sandwich.

      • Facts

        Did you know that over 2000 nuclear weapons have been detonated since 1945?

        • Observationalist

          Yes, underground, underwater, and on far off pacific islands. If you think all those were harmless you need to look up the cancer and mutation cases in French Polynesia and surrounding island nations. Also, look up the facts on the number of Dutch Army who have cancer for assisting the US with nuclear tests in the arctic circle.

    • johnq

      hard to drop a nuke in mountains, wont work the same way as on a flat piece of ground.

      • Rock and Roll

        The first educated remark thus far. Afghanistan isn't a sandpit like Iraq is. Asscrackistan is dry mountains, rocks, and rubble. You could nuke it, but the shockwaves would be limited in range and the fallout wouldn't contaminate much (as there isn't much useful organic matter out there to begin with, mostly just rocks).

        • bob

          it may be a sad conclusion to come to, essentially thinking like a bunch of Hitlers, but its how they all think of us, its merely coming to a "who hits first" endless war. they dont think like we do, about personal rights, political or religious freedoms. its their way or the highway, and i for one do not feel like "hitting the road".

          • NL--

            They are not coming to the US to make you think like they do. 9/11 was their way of saying ;stop meddeling in our busines. Millions of people died because the USA thinks it is always richt. And if it werent for the CIA's intervirence, Bin ladin and that ''rat'' in Iran would never have come into power.

            • TPM50

              you are a fucking moron, they would cut your head off and shit down your wind pipe because you are an infidel.

              • Observationalist

                But he is correct. The US gave them their weapons long before 9/11 and gave them the technological means to leave the desert.

            • Efff

              But seriously, in the war between Russia and Afghanistan we gave Bin Laden and other groups there TONS of weapons. Guess it bit us in the ass.

        • silky

          You sir, have never been near Kandahar then. It is very flat and very desert-y 😛 plus it's the home of the Taliban, so great place to have targeted in 2001.

        • Mark

          Ah, WRONG! All nuclear war heads are 'air burst" weaponary. In other words, they explode high in the atmosphere for maximum effect. Usually at an altitude of about 500 to 3,000 feet depending on the terrain. Even in Afghanistan, this would be extremely effective as the heat wave and following shock wave would decimate anything within it's range.

    • matt

      holy fuck thats frightening that this sentiment exists

    • TheDJ

      "You're no different from Hitler, you just don't have the power..

    • ZJL

      How dare you suggest that anyone else is hurt by the hand of another. How dare you.

    • cowards

      lets think about this. so (assuming afghanistans government supported 9/11 and not just bin laden and a group of terrorists) afghanistan's government cowardly attacks innocent civilians as an attack on their government and their policies. your brilliant response would be to then cowardly attack innocent civilians as an attack on their government and their decisions.

      seems almost as smart as having violent riots because someone called you violent. youre all impossibly stupid.

      • cowards

        know what else would have saved coalition lives over the past 11 years? not invading iraq.

        but no, kill millions of civillians to save the lives of 1000s of soldiers is probably the best way to go. especially cause as you say, you have no idea what north korea or iran are planning. so igniting a nuclear war seems, again, the smart way to save soldier's lives.

    • Armored Dad

      Get Israel out of the Middle East before you drop anything. They are the only civilized M.E country who have and can continue contribute positive to this world.

      • Nl--

        You call the way Isreal is acting civilized? Stealing land, humiliating the palastinian people, shooting innocent women and childeren? I wonder how you would act if an Indian came to your house with a piece of paper witch proves that that land was his 2000 years ago, and he would drive you from your house with force and shoot your son for trowing a stone at him. I ask you : is this civilized ?

      • TWNPN

        Oh sure, for the 5 plus billion plus we give Israel every year, we get so much in return ..NOT.. Bibi does not make decisions for the USA. especially based on his obsession with Iran.. No, we will NOT finance your war Netanyahu.. This bellicose man will destroy the country he claims to love..There will be no peace in the world with the liars and the killers on the Right in charge anywherein the world.. Just ask the israeilis.. they do NOT like this narcissist and will vote him out next year..

    • mosko

      well ur a cunt aint u

    • hatethehaters

      In all seriousness, f you.

    • Fapomatic

      You guys are all wrong. Mac screwed up too. This picture is supposed to be in the "So you got wasted" gallery.

    • PAHTA

      Elect Romney and it will be the USA– courtesy of the Middle east of course.

    • nov

      the middle east already looks like that.

    • Harry

      Apparently you're white and young

    • Harry

      I'd love to see Israel burning like that.Peace be with you,too.

  • savagecabbage

    #27 awesome. Love to be in san fran around that era

    • johnq

      can I get some Rice-A-Roni? LOL

    • Name

      if you were a white man, yes.

  • Brian Peppers

    I have done nothing with my life

    • Ryan

      Then change it. You have to start sometime.

  • echogeo

    I just wept a little bit.

    • Boomer Sooner

      I hope collapsed and killed them.

    • Greg


    • YOYO


      • velvethammer

        I too am skeptical.. how could they have stacked them so high?

        • @Onoku

          That is what I was thinking…

    • johnq

      can we at least have a drink to celebrate burning the drinks? LOL

    • kenny

      Proof of what happens when bible thumpers are allowed to write laws

      • silky

        you mean women, not bible thumpers.

    • zac

      …So that's what happened to the Tower of Babel!!!

  • echogeo

    Mrs. Disney just before the picture was taken: "Boys, I don't think this Disney Studio idea of yours is a very good one. Why don't you get a nice factory job like everybody else?"

    • PayHeed

      " I still like the Bloomingdale's executive training program for them."

    • Spelling Police

      Mother Disney is not impressed.

    • johnq

      A cartoon mouse? WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

    • billyjack13

      Disney: ruining the lives of American youth every day for the sake of a dollar….

  • Verbal_Kint

    #22 Oh, the humanity…..

    • TPM50

      Now that's alcohol abuse.

  • no_angel

    #25 first!

    • hey

      hahaha the only "First" comment that made me laugh

    • holyshit

      I think the most thumbed up "first" comment in the history of the chive

      • no_angel

        damn, i feel clever.

  • Alec Trevelyan

    #22 OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!

  • CC16

    #5 Charlie Duke put a picture of his family on the Moon. Apollo 16, not 11.

    • vixin

      if it is indeed on the moon…shouldn't it be floating? lack of gravity and shit? makes you question the whole "moon landing" thing

      • Ian Rayfield

        The moon has 1/6th the gravity of earth…

      • Fred Flintstone


      • Euroranger

        Aaaaaand modern education takes one to the nads with that outburst.

        I actually felt dumber for having read that. Your posts should come with a warning label from now on.

      • imyourhuckleberry

        idiot. youre the shining example of our educ system.

        • ....

          Both of you are.

    • bob

      its a condom.

  • bears85

    say # 29's description, Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, 5 times in a row, out loud, in public..with your pants off..its funny

  • Spencetron

    #20 Hell Yeah. Donate to the Tesla Museum at

    • Edison shmedison

      Edison was a thief!!Tesla should be the one we remember fondly and credit him for almost everything we use today!!!

    • This Guy

      I second this notion, good sir.

  • Kyle


  • LIJay

    Awesome. We need these in hi-res. That Hiroshima photo is insane…

  • matt

    great album

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    #6 Get some!

    • JTMoney

      All I can hear is Ride of the Valkyries

    • johnq

      talk about bombing back to the Stone Age…..FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!

    • Matt Bloom

      Are you a P1 Muser?

      • P1Aaron

        Baby Arm

  • TCSthesecond

    Now look at us….

    • Firefighter23

      yeah we're all in color and shit!

  • GI Joe

    #22 How the fuck did they get those barrels stacked that high????

    • mittens

      Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    • Bob

      I'm not saying it was aliens. But it was aliens.

    • johnq

      I know, I can barely setup Jenga correctly. LOL

  • ElecMan

    Great Photos Mac!

  • Nick

    #5 Sorry Guys, this isn't Apollo 11, they only had rovers on Apollo 15, 16, and 17, still a sweet pic!

  • remv

    #15 Kennedy and LeBron James?! 😮

    • Kevin Mills

      what should i do?

      • silky

        smack remv, that's what u should do

    • JTMoney

      LBJ looks like he's saying "Jesus Christ, would someone shoot him already so I can be President?"

      • redstick

        No. Just no.I guess you're too frigging young (or stupid) .

  • bkfrijoles

    #25 Thank Mrs. Ruby Bridges

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