Amazing moments in history beautifully photographed (38 Photos)

Via Reddit.

  • Bah

    Reddit, err Chive the 2nd page of the internet.

  • Andrew

    Fuck hitler !

  • An American

    Restore the USA

    Romney Ryan 2012

    • Heathrow

      you sir, are a complete idiot.

    • tech98

      Rmoney – Ryan:
      Believe in (53% of) America
      Send Jobs to China
      Stash your Loot in the Cayman Islands

      • Libtard

        Obama 2012

    • Fred Flintstone

      What if this is somebody who really supported Obama but put a plug in for Romney because he (or she) would know you would get irritated.

      kids today and their "trolling"

  • Craig


    I know Lebron James wasn't 19 when he broke into the NBA.

  • swedishchefborkbork

    this was a really deep post… i need some boobs to take the edge off…

    • Booble

      Oh man, if only there were some place on the internet to find pictures of boobs…

  • Some pretty amazing pictures - NY Sports Day Forums

    […] Yeah, I go to for the internet chicks, but they also have stuff like this mixed in: Amazing Photographs of Major Historical Moments (38 Photos) : theCHIVE Led & Holly will appreciate a couple of them, esp. #28….those guys are some ****in' […]

  • Yeah, sure

    #37 should be: Tsar Nicholas and "friend"
    Also, #26 "He's gone plaid!"

  • IrishInNJ

    More like it Mac…really cool.

  • Allison

    full of awesome

  • Scuba_Steve33

    #5 'Merica. We even litter on the moon!

    • redstick

      You wanna go and sweep up? Oh, that's right; we lost our nerve and our edge. Can't go there any more….

  • Johnny5

    #24 more like Simon Peg getting a hair cut.

  • rupert pupkin

    #15 When I see this picture, I just think of the set of Austin Powers

  • Reddit

    Give credit where credit is due!
    Sharing photos is cool but this is pretty blatant.
    This was posted yesterday. You even took the captions WORD for WORD.

    • David

      It says right at the bottom "via reddit" and links to it.

  • weaksauce

    #38 Sadly history won't ever give credit to Vladimir Ilyushin. The lie continues.

    • Ian Rayfield

      Russia would have nothing to lose by stating he was first to space since they were far ahead of America at the time. Also the Russians have already spoken about their own space tragedies such as the N1 rocket program, so there is no logical reason they would hide this.

      • Euroranger

        I'm pretty sure, with the eye we were keeping on the Soviet Union at the time, that we'd have noticed a rocket being launched from there and flying around overhead. NORAD's entire existence was to detect such launches.

        Had there been some kind of oopsie in space on the Soviet's part, you don't think the Americans wouldn't have made hay out of it? Please.

  • Joe

    #24 What book is he reading?

    • lat297

      The one that took his mind off the 100/1 battle he was fighting in the skies every day

    • MonkeyMadness

      "How to fly a plane and still be arrogant."

      • lat297

        Is that from the same place your book on how to post comments came from?

  • adxasd

    I saw all of these on Reddit two days ago…

    Chive On!

  • D S

    This was on Reddit a couple of days ago. Not hating on Chive, but original posts are always more appreciated

  • Codyyyy


  • Mike

    Does the chive get all it's stuff from reddit?

    • Statan

      Yeah, except the softcore porn and amateur stuff.

  • TheDJ

    #22 Cup stacking competition for giants?

  • hafnium10

    #25 Still promoting equality all of these years later … who better than someone who has been there since the beginning.. always be that strong little girl who wanted a better life!!

  • Austin

    Reddit, repacked.

  • Jake

    Normally I DGF about thechive just being a /r/pics from reddit repost site, because boobs, but this whole post is just lifted directly and in order from someone else's imgur account. This post was up yesterday on reddit. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Should have at least added some of your own pics or credited the imgur user that created it.

  • DBig

    Possibly the best page on the internet.

    • Fred Flintstone

      the second page of comments on the dar, fuck yeah.

  • Troy

    Goebbels now works for the Obama campaign and runs MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and owns the NYT

    True story bro.

    • Ichive

      sorry, way off. You meant Fox. The ones you mentioned actually report news, not proproganda like Fox News.
      It is amazing how fucking stupid Republitards are.

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