Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • Dylan

    This is bananas B A N A N A S first

    • N8orius

      What do these "first" people do? Sit there refreshing their browser every 10 seconds waiting until a new post is put up so they can be the first post with some asinine comment?
      I mean I know when DMA is posted "roughly", but I'm not THAT vigilant, nor do I care to be. Rather, I'd like to enjoy the threads and KCCO.

      • Fungus

        You make too much sense

  • Vic

    #30 damn sexy pair! Which one do you want? Blonde or brunette?

    • Elmer

      where are the girls? i only see 2 ducks.

      • Giblets

        Looks like the duck on the right stuck her finger up the one on the lefts butt and caught her by surprise.

      • Chiver_Sammy

        Can you stuff a duck like a turkey?

        • Doc Benway


      • McSmizzle

        I don't see how there is so much hate on these two? If any of the clowns saying this would see them in real life they'd have no idea what to even say… And there is no way they are 12 or 17 as people are claiming.

        On a side note, I'm a huge ohio state fan but would surely take either one of these girls..

    • Ader

      I'd take them to my house, but I wouldn't take them home to meet mom.

    • ThePatriot

      the one in yellow doesnt look a day over 12…

      • SOhioChiver

        nope…your age meter needs adjusted she is at least 17!

    • requoi

      None, I don't see any females there … just sluts

    • Biggus Diccus

      I hope they like giving rusty trombones

      • MylesofStyles

        I hate to disappoint you, but they're only into Angry Pirates, Houdinis, and the occasional Dirty Sanchez.

    • Clip

      They got problems too, they're just like you except they're hot.

    • heppie

      Looks like the chick from The Big Bang Theory.. Kaley Cuoco

      • StoddardFan

        Really? Wow.

    • WTF

      the chive TOTALLY switched photos. used to be 2 duck-faced chicks standing in front of a mirror. Bad form, chive. Bad form.

  • May

    Ew. Duckfaces.

  • Lower

    It's Friday! #32….

    • Obama 2012

      Vote Obama Free Marijuana

      • Mad Panda

        I was smiling and having a good time until I read your shitty ass comment. If you're doing anything, its turning people off voting for him and not helping his cause.

    • majorfathead

      For some strange reason when I saw these cuties I thought of the Blue Man Group

  • Dylan

    Everyone dislikes when people say first

    • J_Ace

      i wonder what happens if you say last?

  • The Bandit

    #9 #19…were a good start….
    #29 #34…but these give me nightmares!

    • SOhioChiver

      #9 Nice quads! #19 god created woman, I love god!

    • guest

      #9 Would have a great ass too, seeing as how she can squat her friend! Let us see.

      #34 Is this the love child Nic Cage and Manson

  • Ace

    Mitch fondles ham.

    • AveryJoe

      Is this the true cause of the pork shortage?

      Is this 'Mitch' you speak of hoarding ham for his only fondly fetishes?

      • Fletch

        If that's true then fuck Mitch

  • Jerry

    Santa has Reindeer and I'm stuck on public transport.

    • Jerry

      #5…..Rookie error

  • Tyson

    Happy Friday Chivers!

    • Innocent_Bystander


  • why?


  • totes


    • HIguthrie

      guthrie is the king of deleting unpopular comments as not to negatively impact his reputation score.

  • ozzychiver

    Enjoy your morning America because it is Friday afternoon here Oz and time for Beers!!!

    • Tyler P

      KCCO from a Canadian Chiver in Ballarat

  • Ray


    • Carl
      • Doc Benway

        I thought the same thing. It is (was?) a picture of some yoyo named Skrillex but the face was changed to Nicolas Cage's face. Google image search. The real guy doesn't seem to look much like Mr. Cage.

  • watchman

    looks like the reddit crew is out in full force with the negathumbs

    • Art

      No,I think there are just a buncha retarded comments today. I minused a couple myself.

  • TheMastamind

    All about checking for updates just before bed to catch the DMA lol.

  • Wet_tosti

    #16 You said it was on the breeaaaaaake!!!

    • maboze1x

      This guy has balls of steel!

    • Mr. Beefy

      Be careful dude that's how people end up para-…..oh, never mind, continue

      • Adam

        Thats the winning comment right there!

    • Spelling Police

      *brake, not break.

      • iChive

        Depends how you look at it. I'm willing to bet there was a break at some point.

  • Jonathan

    #29 WTF! – #34 is an automatic LOL

    • KMD

      #29 is very WTF but am I the only one that sees that she looks like a blue version of Zoidberg after he molts???

  • g3nXsLack3r

    #7 Fook Yoo

    • Innocent_Bystander

      And fook her too!

  • maboze1x

    #19 Jesus loves you! And I'm pretty sure he's not the only one! 😉

  • U R


    • Tiber_Septim

      no I am not nor do I give a shit about the score he is what 60? I am 29, you got the wrong guy, again keep trying though one day you may get it right, obsessed with this guy, you are, wrong you keep being

      • U R

        others have called you out too. we are not just one.

      • Yep

        You're Stan…you retarded butt-fucking cock-smoking faggot.

  • Fletch

    The Chive is trying to get me arrested

    • Blumpkin

      I take it he commented on #30

  • Ride

    Where and what is that?

    • snowkid

      its fake. tard

      • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

        Welcome to The Chive. Your name is posted above your comments so you don't need to sign your posts around here.

        • majorfathead

          ^^^^ That made me snort water out my nose

        • Red

          snowkid, you just got schooled by Euroranger.


        • Kyle

          That was awesome. Kyle

  • tjo55555

    #30 I'll take one of each please

    • Child Please


    • PetStore

      Are you going to keep them as pets or eat them? Because You have to make sure your pond is big enough or they won't stay.

    • Costanza

      So many angry (or gay) young folks on Chive these days. That's a lot of down-thumbs. A poorly chosen duck-face doesn't change the fact that they are smoking hot. Maybe not quite legal in some states, but those two, a bottle of Patron, 6 hits of MDMA, and a jumbo bottle of Astroglide, and you've got yourself 10 of the best hours possible of human existence.

      • Jen

        you left out the bottle of rohypnol, buddy.

    • majorfathead

      Hi I'm Chris Hanson, come in and take a seat

  • fiend


  • Repo man

    Chive, where do you find all these slutty girls? Seriously, stop hogging them all and share.

    • shinystuffrocks

      I blame the chive for having unrealistically high standards.. Once you've seen the beauty that is the chivette, you won't settle for less.

    • shinystuffrocks

      I blame the chive for having unrealistically high standards..

      • shinystuffrocks

        stupid phone! my bad.

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