Firepower Afternoon Randomness (30 HQ Photos)

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  • bob


    whiskey pete….. gonna make someones day

    • Dugan

      And I see some fuzed HE in the back. Someone about to do a shake-n-bake?

    • Kodos

      thought it was "willie pete"

  • whyme1973

    #21 #31 So very fine.

  • army

    yes, it's willie pete. In pic 25 what is that thing under his M4 that looks like a grenade launcher?

    • Thomas

      Looks like a HK M320/M320A1

      • donalbaine

        m320.. revised version of the m203 40mm grenade launcher.. it can be detached and used independently. pretty awesome little punkin chunker..

      • average Joe

        This thing looks significantly bulkier than the 203… do you have any experience with it? how does it stack up against the tried and true thumper

      • William

        Thats the HK416 with detachable 40mm grenade launcher

  • Scarlet

    Z, Looking good buddy! Hope you're doing alright. TOMAHAWKS!!!

  • Yesac

    It's a M320 grenade launcher. It replaces the M203.

  • Sarah

    #8 I'll take one of each please =]

  • Duckie

    #35 Why does the guy on the left look like he's wearing his frag vest under his shirt?

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