Sir-Mix-A-Lot would be proud (51 Photos)

  • ÆØÅ

    That's just disgusting…

    • know the ledge

      And you are an idiot.

    • Tankus

      Why so many vote downs? I'm with you on that!

    • Ze coonch

      Your a homo

      • paws


    • SuperDanMan4290

      You're name must be Becky



      • paws


        • SuperDanMan4290

          dang…thanks for the grammar correction paws. I guess that is what happens when I start drinking early..haha.



        • that dude

          are you retarded? "you are name must be becky" ? fools…

    • keef

      KEEP AT IT THOUGH!…'re doing well with your 'gay-2-straight' training. don't give up. Pat Robertson would be proud

    • H-Town

      I got hepatitis just looking at these

    • vic


    • Chris

      I agree, there is a point where its gone to far and becomes disgusting.

      • manny

        You must be gay…and must have a small penis…

    • scott

      no…….. its NOT!!!!!


    I'll have fries with #47

    • Big D

      Looks like she's gonna lose her fingers if she goes any deeper

    • Anonymous.

      its shopped, the original is still hot but her ass isn't like that…

    • Kato

      Ass grab

    • CST



      I wish that im besaid her and do any think for her

  • bill

    #1 omg find that redhead! and #37 is just plain nice

    • Dayumm

      I agree on that redhead!

    • Balushi King

      I love it

  • Vinny

    how do they sit on those things?! Phat ole ass

    • bored

      Would be nice if the Chive at least tried to keep the shopped ones out. Guess just to lazy….yet we canhave 45 pictures of doodles in a book. Weaksauce

      • Accord

        In total agreement. I love thicker women with real curves. But when Photoshop has warped them so badly that they look like cartoons, it's just not as enjoyable. With that said, #29 and #37 are fantastic.

        • assman

          I think this was the whole point of this post…to show a bunch of ridiculous impossible asses. Watch the music video for "I like big butts" and you will get it I think. They are not trying to seriously pass these off as real, hence the title of the post.

        • Notknowing

          Well said, Accord. See Ice-T's wife CoCo. She is the real deal.

    • CowboyChiver

      Some of these may be pushin' it but #29 is spectacular!

    • AboutGorramTime

      Photoshop. Photoshop everywhere. Princess Leia takes it. #29

    • Underbaker

      Many a photoshop here, but I think #22 looked better before the shop… <img src="; width="300">

  • Sir mix a lot


    • TheDoctor

      #51 is Sandra Buttocks

  • guest

    Pump that rump.

  • DJ DCE

    First this post is um well uh the butt of all jokes must rest in the anals of history remiscent of the the rings of Uranus musch like pirates you've found booty

    • jessed

      Wow u are a Fag

    • jimstarswagg

      Should have resisted the pun, bro..

  • jag

    #23 DAMN!

    • Dayumm

      Totally agree!!! Along with #3!

    • SupraJeeper

      Thank God for volleyball and its shorts.

  • erik

    photoshop fail was yesterday…

    • Marcus

      No kidding…

    • That Guy

      It blows my mind that 90% of the commenters don't realize almost all of these pictures are photoshopped.

      • Ely

        its so obvious. Crazy, i couldnt think of something else most of these asses look just so plain unreal.

        • Txdude

          Exactly what I was thinking….

          • gump

   was yesterday

    • DirtNasty

      If you think all these photos are legit ..

      You're gonna have a bad time

    • RoastBeef315

      In no way shape or form do I care if they're photoshopped. My brain still likey.

    • heywood jablowme

      we know, and we don't care.

      • Da Sandman

        And im so glad my wife has a legit ass….the trick is turn her into a chivette

  • bigd

    #46 how could you even see the ball to putt?

    • Big D

      Dunno, but I wouldn't mind putting my balls in

    • Jeff

      Not on the course so she must need it to stay upright!

    • jreddy23

      IIIIII…Have No Idea What I'm Doing

    • @lackofabetter

      What do you think her black boyfriends name is?

    • nick

      Tehmeena Afzal, nissan car sales women somewhere in the weiner state

  • guest

    #24 is tops, or bottoms in this case.

  • iaDF!

    #41 photoshopped

  • Photoshp

    #45 looks legit..

    • Damn Right

      its shopped too, unfortunately

    • Ant

      I dunno. I feel like some how that bootie is superimposed. Too good to be true. Prove me wrong please!

    • Johnny boy

      I would love to ne her G-string.

  • robsterling

    #12. When she sits down she is three feet taller.

    • guest

      i see whatcha did there..

  • fabio


  • maboze1x

    #24 By far the best a$$ here!

    • hrm

      the best

  • @HarryBallz98

    Some of these have to be 'shopped right?

    #40 is Jessica Biel and she doesn't have an arse like that

    • @NorCalChiver

      no she doesn't. over half of these are photo shopped. white girl science doesn't allow girls to get hug butts like these

    • phoneboy

      there's more photoshop in here than i can shake a stick at, unfortunately…

      but nobody cares. booty. 😀

  • pimpninjaa

    #11 #32 little in the middle but she got much back

    • chiver

      #11 I'm sure that body scan pic in up on the security guard's office wall

    • Mike

      #11 is shopped to. It's actually Eva Longoria at LAX. Source for unaltered version:

  • Paula_

    I huff, and
    I Puff, and
    I wait a minute…
    And then I advance another step on the stairs.

    – Fan testimonial: "Every time I read your posts and it has a "meow" in it, it reminds me of "Super Troopers"….wahooo to the funniest movie ever! And thank you Paula! You're the best! 🙂 – ShakeyTheMoyle"

    • Joe

      Hey Paula, how are you?

      • Paula_

        …just over half way up, so I'm good.

        -the one you love to hate

        • Joe

          that's good, have a great day

    • geo

      Paula, why don't you submit a picture of your fat ass?

      • a-nom

        I agree, I'd kind like to know what you look like…of course seeing the woman behind the curtain would distort one of the staples of the site…

      • Paula_

        Subtle! Hints! in BYB, Hump Day every meow and then…

        Chivers really do suck at subtle hints though… not surprising considering the level of Hump and burned bras…

        – Fan testimonial: "You were are and always will be the lowest form of life on this planet. Not fit for cleaning the shit off anyone's boots. – etcrr"

    • tanuki

      Go choke on a chimichanga.

    • Nick

      Just wondering Paula… why write "Hugs, Paula" when your name is less then an inch a way (unless someone uses a huge screen or projector of course) up there… Not to hate on ya, but it always seemed like an attention cry to me.


      (see the redundancies in it?)

      • Paula_

        You are SO right !!1!

        [see right above this comment, just right of my photo and just left of that tiny red thing with the exclamation mark and the 'we Chivers love her THIS much' score].
        – the one you love to hate

  • FolleRousse

    "Baby got back"

  • dat ass

    #35 Do you do anal?

  • NoBull85

    Best. Post. Ever.

    • guest

      yes…. yes it is….

  • Coop

    ohhh baby! i wanna sink my teeth into these cheeks! My want now is my fear in like 20 years though…CELLULITE eewws

  • suck me dry

    suck me

  • pervertedmonk

    Chive has outdone itself! Please post more!!!!!!!!
    Fap fap fap

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