Somebody got a little carried away with their textbook doodles (46 Photos)

  • Somebody got a little carried away with their textbook doodles (46 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

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  • The Bandit

    …some good ones…and some not. Still beats my drawing skills by a mile..(except for #17)
    But I enjoyed #18 (cute) and #31 very much

    • DemonIAm

      put you in my ovvveeeennnnnnnnn!

  • Lame

    Dumb post is dumb.

    • Travis

      i had high hopes too

  • Obama 2012

    Vote Obama Free Marijuana

    • Live Free

      You spelled "Gary Johnson" incorrectly. Vote for a free America. Vote Gary Johnson.

      • Dems/Reps are Dumb

        ^ Thank you! GJ2012

    • Fred Flintstone

      Nothing's free, somebody's paying for it… Like people who pay taxes, you moochers!

      • Jesus

        Obama has done more to hurt marijuana than almost any president. It is scary.

  • tkk


    • Trailer Ray

      #11 #40 Me and my son watch adventure time together on a regular basis.

      • Firefighter23

        Some of these are so Math!

  • Stick

    Awesome, one of the reasons colleges get away with charging you out the as for textbooks.

    • smart


      This is clearly a middle school text book you nit wit

      • tbone

        its a biology book I had the same one as a freshman in highschool.

    • Sad Panda

      it says in #40 'Sunny Hills HS' Which means High School

      • Stick

        And colleges can look and say 'Look how they've treated their high school textbooks, this is why we won't provide them for students'.

    • whaaA?

      Because you can draw in them? I don't get it.

  • @Happie_Meal

    #46 = lol but I agree with stick!

  • MonkeyMadness

    Pffft… this is nothing compared to what I did to my textbooks.

    • Big Jerk

      jerking in them to stick the pages together doesn't count

  • JSJ

    90% of these are from the same person

    • Watson

      No shit Sherlock

  • The Truth

    Were most of these just drawn by the same person…in the same book?

  • bryanole27

    What?! No penises or vaginas!? This guy's doodles suck!

  • truthvirus

    Bet it was the half blood prince in the early years.

  • leroy

    What time is it?…………………………. Adventure time. Lemon drop guy from adventure time were best

  • melindu

    Cartoonist level = asain. Well done.

  • @danieljillm

    What am I doing with my life?

  • Canucks_Rule

    #31 – this was me in high school. doodling.. not morpheus.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • pfailp8

    This freshmen wont be laughing once he gets past chapter 7…. enjoy it kid… enjoy it…. ENJOY IT

  • tipsybitch!

    The adds on mobile are fuckin annoying..i cant even see the picture -_-

  • bkfrijoles

    Bet they got less then $5 back

  • BWaecker

    #31 def my favorite.

  • rae

    ugh I had that book for Bio.. wish i had fun pictures in it… I just had to highlight crap.

  • swedishchefborkbork

    The last one had me fukin rollin on the floor… I get the vibe a chick did this… a funny chick… HS sucked…

  • @LouElHumano

    Nice Post!

  • ...

    What a fucking waste of time. Did this unimaginative bastard think of maybe learning some of the things in the book rather than drawing pointless unfunny shitty pictures?!

  • Party1

    There goes five minutes I'll never get back, thanks Bob!

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