Will Sutton is a parkour fanatic with an amazing story (Video)

Will Sutton started free-running when he was 13, just after his mom died. He didn’t have a lot of money, but he taught himself how to make films and built all his own camera gear (cranes, dolly’s etc.). Now, at 19, he has just made this beautiful parkour film. Congratulations, Will. Well done.

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    • Baba Booey

      who gives a fuck if you are first or not? what an idiot

      • Llort

        Excuse me Sir! Please don't feed the troll. Thank you! 🙂

    • Dave

      Are you quoting me there? I actually could of said it, because I find your comments funny.. Yet annoying at the same time.

  • jdew555

    Now that's talent

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Thank you, also I enjoy being first.

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  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    This video was about 4 minutes and nine seconds too long.
    There's shitloads and shitloads and then some of this shit on the interwebs already.

    Meow if it were a FAIL compilation………………….

    – probably ten seconds

    • JdJ

      wow Paula_. You seem to know everything. Can we see your videos of anything you're good at?

    • Jakemo_1

      Why can't we permanently block users whose sole purpose of existence is to troll?

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  • krypto092108

    Wish I was young, fit and strong again, without having had open heart and orthopaedic surgeries… That looks like fun!

  • Franzie360

    May his mother rest in peace knowing that she brought such an inspirational young man into the world. Even disregarding that he did this himself with hardly any cash at hand, and still did a better job than I've seen in commercials and movies, this is brilliant. The Parkour is well done, and the editing, camera angles, and style is even better.

  • G1880

    bit at about 1.29 reminded me of the film Hot Rod.

  • not paula

    truly amazing work!

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    • TPM50


      • Mr. T

        Well that escalated quickly

  • Andy Valentine

    At 1:32 when it's shot upwards through the trees, that's stunningly done

  • eric

    modern day ninjas!

  • ewp

    This is mostly free-running, not parkour, but still a beautiful video.

  • red4

    This needs to be an Olympic sport. I'd actually watch the Olympics if it was. There should also be another form of fencing; something more aggressive, with heavier sword-analogs and double-grips.

  • Yar!

    Right here makes me want to get really drunk and fight inanimate objects like a super hero pirate screaming "Yar! Har har! We'll be roasting Paula tit on a spit tonight maties!" Meanwhile back in reality I realize that Paula's flat nasty ape tit would probably be gross tought leathery pimple riddled oozing with the black sludge of a 1000 souls that she has drained from her "first" minion army…..

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  • MrRockwell

    Does anyone know what song this is?
    Its kind of mesmerizing.

    • MrRockwell

      Nevermind, I did some investigating.

      Tides From Nebula – Purr

      • Dylan

        Thanks for investigating.

    • Kyle C.

      if you like this song/video, check out danny macaskill, same style of music/video editing but on a bike

  • Bustanut

    I rolled my ankles 3 times just watching this

  • Smelted Pelted

    Great ideas done in this, and I am not a fan of watching people who look like they are running from police.

    That wave shot through the plastic was worth a rewind for me.

  • needitwantit

    Damn what an amazing video

  • Durka Durka

    This dude is 19 and already winning life.

  • Peter Venkman

    Does anybody know what kind of practice this takes? how many times does someone hurt themselves trying to get the 2 or 3 second jump perfect and then move onto the next crazy location and continue hurting themselves? or are people that do this, like Will, just that good that they could do this wherever they go without even thinking about it? its cool to watch, but the old man in me wonders how often he hurts himself.

    • Jakemo_1

      I'm fairly sure it's similar to any other intense discipline, you start with the basics, something that might not kill you if you mess up, and work at it until you have it, then those basics transfer into whatever slightly larger challenge you work on next, making sure to apply the same principles and practices, so before long (aka 6 years) you're simply tweaking your solid foundation of fundamentals to make it over the next hurdle (pardon the pun). Ever take music lessons?

    • blues713

      I am 31 and starting to learn this stuff for the first time. I am learning it inside a gym where we use mats instead of concrete and its still very very scarey stuff. If you want to learn just go do it somewhere safe.

  • SleazyDZ

    I was waiting for the karate kid crane pose @ 3:33

  • Average John

    Seems unreal. I could only imagine how much work and dedication it took to get that good. Amazing….

  • Brent

    That was cool! These parkour guys are crazy.

  • RetiredChief

    Mr. Sutton's skills warrant a contract.

  • Steve Grenier

    I'm going to regret not learning parkour if there is a zombie apocalypse.

    • bigcityreem

      For now, simply running your ass off will have to do.

  • Justme

    This was a beautiful display of athleticism. Should be part of the Olympics.

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