Floss daily… with lingerie (43 Photos)

  • waitingfordeluxe

    #32 I hope these ladies are waiting in line for the buffet…..

    • Dick

      They can eat sushi off my dong.

      • M.C.

        Thumbs up for using the word dong.

    • Mark

      First of all: I bet if this girl were wearing normal clothes, you were single and she asked you out, you'd say yes.

      Now let's look at the long game… Say you like this girl and you get married and she continually avoids the all you can eat buffets. In 20-30 years time she will (still) have a smoking hot body and in the meantime that girl who gorged herself on the all you can eat buffets would become a major fatty.

      I know what I'd prefer…

      • ImpressMe

        Given that those models are all probably 14 to 16 years old, terribly underweight, and very likely taking any manner of pills to stay that size (or bulimic/anorexic)…… in 20 to 30 years the majority of them will be aged beyond their years, unhealthy, and still…… out of your league.

        • Mark

          Wow you've let the media stereo typing/bitching get to you too? A small portion of models would have eating disorders but then so do fat people. In fact it's plainly obvious that there are far too many people eating too much than there are people eating too little. The models that I've known have a great appetite but they manage to eat healthily and exercise; which is something we should all be doing anyway.

          • fuksh03s

            I am truly jealous of you mark, the ability to see into the future and tell us what everyone is going to look like, but mainly the fact that all you do is hang out with models all day. PRAISE BE TO MARK IN ALL HIS GLORY. The kid probably hasn't dropped his xbox controller in a week.

            • Mark

              buddy I don't need a crystal ball to figure it out.

              Claudia Schiffer is 42, Christy Turlington is 43 and Elizabeth Hurley is 47. They all look amazing, especially compared to most other women their age. They too were skinny teenage models 20-30 years ago. If they had serious eating disorders from a young age it's more likely that they'd be dead by now. You don't seem to understand that some people are just naturally skinny and despite how much they eat it's hard to make them fat.

              And yes, believe it or not, I have dated a model before and met others through her and no I don't play xbox, so deal with it.

              • EamuFish

                and every one of the girls you mentioned gets 2-3 hours of make up and 20-30 hours of photoshop before you even get to see them. Runway models is what he is talking about and they have to weigh in before getting on the runway- 1/2 pound over and they don't get paid – That's a big incentive to have an eating disorder.
                New Tshirt Idea: "Chivettes do it without photoshop"

        • DWolf

          Not every model has to take pills to stay slim. Many girls are just naturally slim no matter how much they eat. My wife is slim and has never taken anything or thrown up to get that way and she eats proportionally as much as I do.

        • Mike Hunt

          people really need to stop telling girls to gain weight just because they have problems staying skinny themselves. i'm 6'1" and 164 lbs, i have to eat 3'000 + calories a day just to maintain that weight, people are actually skinny not because they don't eat, but because genetically they're made better than obese people. so just because some hot girls can be skinny and eat unlike your fatasses who look at food and gain weight doesn't mean you have to think girls should gain weight, skinny is hotter. and when i look around my city, little place called San Francisco, i see way too many fat people out there listening to the advice of dumbasses like you. don't hate on people with fast metabolisms or those who want to do cocaine or pills to stay skinny, at least they're tryna be attractive.

    • N2MotoX

      #28 might be…The dessert section has candy bars. Remeber "Mounds"?

    • NebraskaGuy

      They're all beautiful to me …

      But esp #36 Damn!

    • butt kohl-litcorr

      i hope their buttholes are bald and bleached

    • Notknowing

      Why is there a picture of tooth picks with dresses, in here?

  • Kodos

    Curvy and smokin' hot… we have a winner, people.

    Done and done.

    • kip

      hell yeah hands down

  • sprocket


    • Daniel Tosh

      it must be hard not fapping everyday when you work at the chive office

  • Get real Leo

    Flossing is not what i'm doing daily with lingerie…

    • kinger

      not everyone likes wearing lingerie though…

  • joe


  • bErMeNtAl

    This may beat the wet tshirt post from this week!

    • bob


    • notevenclose

      not even close

  • HOOK_the_Legend

    #23 Nice job with the tuck…tranny for the win.

  • srqFF

    #3 is what I like to call WINNING.

    • Barf

      She has a twin! The Davalos twins. Enjoy

    • Rhego

      one of the davalos twins

  • Wigger

    #37 all day everyday!

    • Kevrhutch

      Who is she?

    • http://twitter.com/count2potato @count2potato

      who is this woman? I've seen her elsewhere on the interwebs.

      • dude

        JJC Jessica Jane Clement

    • Boobman

      Twice on Sunday

  • TheRaspberry

    #19 Good Lord!

  • http://twitter.com/NickClark360 @NickClark360

    bonus Sunday post, thanks Chive

    • todrunk2fck

      Also one of the best posts I have seen in a while.

  • Dickwhitman

    Wowzers. Who is #3 #28 #31

    • http://twitter.com/NickClark360 @NickClark360

      #3 is one of the Davalos twins

      • grumpy

        Which one?

    • wouldntyouliketoknow

      #28 Is shopped… look between the boobs, and the right boob/bra line is blurry. Dead give away sorry

    • Joe

      #28 Is Denise Milani, Does anyone know which photoset this is from.

  • James

    Holy mother of god… Make this weekly, I'm on cloud 9 right now.

  • Hotsauce101

    #20 is absolutely gorgeous, also needs to do laundry.

    • bob

      who let her out of the kitchen?

  • B Dub

    Had me at #1. Nothing like a beautiful Chivette with an incredible tush…
    Great Post!

  • Takingbackcider

    #32 These could really wear dental floss. 😐

  • CutlerC


    Simply stunning.

  • callmemaybe

    Being gay defies logic…wow

  • JJMCali

    #17 You win.

    • Jon

      She is a pornstar, her name is emma mae

  • Alex

    #29 so HOT

    • Mike

      riley jensen

      • theBoognish

        did she tear the place apart looking for that outfit?

  • JJMCali

    Wait…#5 you win.

    • chiver

      AND she's in the kitchen…bonus!!

    • Woodsy_Woo

      #5 is the winner for me too WOW lovlely!!! Is that kitchen roll behind her? for cleaning any leakage I pressume !!?? 🙂

  • JJMCali

    Nevermind, we as Chivers are the winners.

  • SitOnMyFace

    #20 and #26 FTW's

  • Billy Bob

    A+, some posts dedicated to stockings would be fantastic

    • billyjack13

      or MILFS!

  • scudrazor

    god bless you chive 17 winning

    • Jon

      Emma Mae

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