Boy with brain tumor gets a much needed boost from his heroes (35 Photos)

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  • philip

    Way to go, officers!

  • Mike

    Live the irony of #23! "Imagine."

  • ichiveinthe305

    I agree that this little guy is pure awesome. I also agree that we need a blue KCCO. I love my green Keep Calm and my BFM but a LEO KCCO would be the centerpiece in my trophy case.

  • Mr Taylor


  • Bill

    #21 Book-Em Officer Gage. Thank You City of Bellevue first responders.

  • DarthJ

    I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry………oh, the hell with it, I will!

  • gingergreek

    And then little Jimmy grabbed officer Dick's gun and shot every last mother fucker in the room 😛

    What a lovely story

  • Hannah

    What a beautiful story! KCCO little guy!!

  • Joshua

    #33 High Five Fail. The kid is nearly blind!

    • Specialist

      This is where Gage is being sworn in.. not a hi-five.

  • Grant Cowling

    Amazing, beautiful and super radical awesome.

  • Crazy_Jake

    Im glad this was not in Los Angeles.. Our mayor would Ham it up and want to make it all about him..
    Good Job to the officers in Bellevue,Washington… Well done..
    How about a follow up… Is he dying, or what?

  • Guam's Derek

    Hey Chive, send him the first Blue KCCO shirt to roll out. I'll pay for it.

  • Amanda

    KCCO bud! Never seen a finer boy in blue. Love and Prayers from Edmonton, AB

  • Will

    Don't let anyone tell you otherwise–

    People are awesome.

  • dirtyscow

    what the fuck i live in bellevue. the cops here are the biggest fags in the world. seriously though, they give you tickets for anything. cool kid though

    • You gay

      Don't do shit that will get you tickets and they won't give the, to you.

  • Upup and away

    Glad I wasn't the only one who has an allergy to onions.

  • drummer113

    Happiest kid in the world. That's what awesomeness and kindness is really about.

  • Specialist

    This is the Department I work for. Little Gage had an unbelievable effect on those that were lucky enough to spend the weekend with him. Especially the Major that is seen in many of the pictures. (He's the one in the last, very touching #35 photo) If you want to pass along a message to our Chief about this event, (seen in #33) she would be happy to hear from you. drop a line to and address it to Chief Pillo. Chive On!

    • BayCop

      I know I'm way late to the game on this but I just wrote a letter out and sent it to Chief Pillo. I've been going through some rough times with an on the job injury and looming medical retirement. Coupled with PTSD and severe depression due to some work stuff, I've been feeling really crappy lately.

      This story perked me up and really gave me a boost. Thank you and your department for the work you do and for giving Gage that dream.

  • 321class

    Of all the heart-warming stories on The Chive I have seen in the past 3 years, this is the one that made me cry. Way to go Gage, protect and serve!

  • trey

    fuck cancer

  • Mario

    What, no trip to the doughnut shop?

  • erik

    wow, this is such a great story. awesome thing for a kid.

  • Dennis

    Damn, all this dust in the air has my eyes all watery. KCCO little man!

  • Kat

    Guess the Bellevue wa cops aren't so bad! Nice to see a hometown story!

  • Amber Cairncross

    How completly amazing, what an awesome little man 🙂 god bless you Gage!

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