Boy with brain tumor gets a much needed boost from his heroes (35 Photos)

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  • Dave

    Great post Chive! Gage, stay strong little trooper. BPD very classy… On a side note, for whatever reason, Police deal with the scum of society on a daily basis and are always the brunt of some bad donut joke. These people risk their lives everyday for our freedom to say whatever dumb comments we like. Don't forget, these people are our loved ones, family members, neighbours etc… This is another hand up for a KCCO-PD shirt…

  • Jason

    Thats awesome! Big time props to the Bellevue PD and keep fighting the fight Gage!!

  • jenna211986

    another tear jerker ❤ proud to be from washington!

  • UsSoldier.

    Absolutely amazing. True Chiver types right there. The better side of humanity that is seldom seen or let alone publicize anymore if it happens. God Bless these officers, the family and most importantly the young man.

  • ben

    Chalk one up for the best side of human nature! The more people that show it off,the more people are inclined to follow! Keep it going and pass it on!!!! It is the little things like this, that me proud of my country and the people in it.

  • Adam in MD

    Chive – I applaud you for bringing this amazing story to light. In this time of political angst and misplaced anger, it is refreshing to see human stories that captivate us all. Thank you and KCCO!!

  • felipe

    wish i was a cop sometimes.i would do more good.

  • ncpdfsb

    life is so fragile…… its the little things that keep us standing.

  • Chandler

    Proud to be from Bellevue! Stay strong buddy!

  • Gibson

    I hope this kid makes it! Fingers crossed and praying!

  • BallGag4X_Mas

    Super sweet, and #18 made me cry a little

  • Slade

    This is fantastic.

  • MohawkJon

    DING!! Walking Stick Baton!!


  • Proud_To_Serve

    As one of the boys in blue, I am proud that our brothers and sisters had the opportunity to do this. We generally aren't provided a chance to do this type of thing. I don't know of many that would turn down the opportunity, or having had the opportunity be able to find a more positive memory. Our careers are comprised of dealing with ugly situations that no one should ever have to witness …

  • Tyler

    How is he doing

  • anHungarianBoy

    Is not my native language the english.. but it's nice!
    recognition of the US officers, and this is event go around the world..
    I'm sad this is that little guy shortly die.. 😦

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