Cosplay costumes on a budget

Via Cospobre

Via Cospobre

  • DemonIAm

    oh, and the audio ads HAVE TO GO!

    • dirtysteve


  • choob

    #31 is a win!

  • wanderer

    #26 Not half bad.

  • Almoney13

    These are so bad, I cringed haha

  • Shane

    #3. Umm (snorts), I have the first appearance of the Silver Surfers green shorts (pushes glasses up nose)

  • Vivi

    Not to be that nerd, but I think 36 is trying to be Cloud…

  • freakybig

    #9 Still a better costume than the new movie.

  • Geek

    The last one with Patrick Star, I LOL'd for real. Only pic worth seeing and they held it until the end.

  • carl

    #32 are you sure?

  • Betterthanyou

    #16 wtf is wrong with black people…

  • DaMitz

    what shows #11?

    • Heya

      Both are cosplays of an enemy from the Silent Hill videogame series.

  • NPergakis12

    #21 If you look closely you can tell he's a virgin

    • Trey

      I can see that from miles away…

  • Bob

    How am I suppossed to make fun of these?? These are brilliantly stupid.

  • bdg

    #15 I didn't think it was possible,but he looks Gayer than the original!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kristen

    #25 looks like she wrapped herself in a few XXL condoms.

  • This Guy

    #15 has to be considered animal cruelty.


    # 28 What the hell is this from?


    #28 What the hell is this from?

    • daveh873

      Pyramid Head from Silent Hill (video game)

  • TheChris

    #22 dat uno card

  • 16inchzipper

    #11 Which is the real one?

  • Dominic Matteo


  • John Bocanegra

    Hahaha #32 is not even close!!!

  • Bob

    #5 virgin?
    #8 least she has nice boobs

  • Zaedrus

    #24 Um. What's that over his face?

  • dave

    A good concept, but this got difficult towards the end.

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