Finish your afternoon tea, then please Find Her (34 Photos)

  • jamie

    MOAR !!

    • John

      Please please please find 15 & 16!!!!!!!!

      • FixerUpper

        #15 #16

  • Mn dude

    I don't want to be the initial person

    • MN Guy

      Do you know #8?

  • ian

    #6 is Brooke Secrets. Twitter porn.

    • The Real Tim

      definitely nsfw either

      • JonnWane

        just found that out the hard way…lol oops

    • roastednuts

      NSFW, but definitely worth the time at home!


    • PNB

      I am going to go out on a limb and say that she looks better with the bra on. That bolt on is crazy.

    • Crushbent

      i just looked her up on twitter. similar to brooke secrets, mitt romney. seems legit.

    • Bobby

      There's probably a reason she doesn't show her face!

  • I lost my butt

    Find my butt

    • ...

      Shouldn't be too hard. You can see that thing from space.

      • thebeefinjector

        your reply was whack…

    • William T Farnsworth

      Talk to #33. She's got enough butt for everyone

  • Him

    #10 Find all of them and their vibrators

    • Dano

      I think the one on right with hand bra is Justine Jaro.

      • Groggy

        Far left is Christine Mendoza

        • Him

          Wow! Ask you and shall receive. Great googling.

    • Joe

      Middle Elle Navarro

    • ttyl hef

      Dano, Groggy, and Joe – you win the internet!

  • Andy298

    #24 – WOW!

    • paulhitchcock

      Ewa Sonnett NSFW

    • Herp Derp

      Eva Sonnet

    • alively2

      Ewa Sonnet.

      There is another one of her, but it is NSFW –

    • rasti77

      Ewa Sonnet

    • quailman8907

    • Brian

      Those nasty long fingernails tho…..

  • Tim

    I would not want to find #13, nasty.

    • Marklar

      Couldn't agree with you more.

      • Bustanut

        Congrats, now there are two new douches in this world.

        You both should hookup and hold hands, since you wouldn't know what a hot woman looked like even if you got hit by a busload of them.

    • wtf

      WOW, "nasty" really? NASTY? She was one of my favorites.

      • growupalready

        dude! that's tucking away a surprise for you!

      • gay^

        SHE is a tranny. perhaps this is a sign that you've been batting for the wrong team. not that theres anything wrong with that

        • steve

          so if you know she is a tranny, does that mean you were watching some tranny porn? or browsing a tranny dating site?

          • Tony

            dude its Olya Haidner, and she is so hot. just happens to compete look her up morons

    • ...

      Or #33. That butt scares me.

      • theDirty


      • Skagen

        Kathy Ferreiro

      • Gradaddy

        leave her un-found

        • goatpunch

          Small waist, no cellulite, still fit. You need to just try sex with a girl like that once. It's awesome. It's like landing in a pillow with every thrust, and as long as there is no flabby waist, it wont exactly kill your boner or anything. Live a little, give it a try!

      • Hiro

        Suck it up butter cup that's some real curves

    • Lunar©

      That one will pinch your dick off

    • CDNchiver

      Huge case of some juice and a boob job! Do not find!

    • Guest

      I was gonna say. This is find HER…

    • Fit dude

      Awe little guy is afraid of a fit woman because he can't lift the little pink weights at the gym. Put down the beer & remote & go try to look like a man moron.

    • rummy

      agreed. dont find this man!!. gross!!!

    • N88

      well i happen to know you can find her on cougar muscular milf… lives in edmonton

  • Eric

    #23 agreed

    • AssHaterson


  • theeDICKsmith

    #34 ohmygawd, ohmygawd, ohmygawd!!!

    • Dalshepsut

      Kari sweets

      • theeDICKsmith


        • AndrewJ411

          Welcome to the internet, you'll like it here.

    • Vijay Singh

      Kari Sweets

      • sweet motha

        She has not done any new shots in years

    • @LFGD1978

      Kari sweets

  • Kyle429

    #23 is @Violaceousgirl on Twitter. I think she should have her own post. Make it happen, Chive! #KCCO 😀

    • NZ Chiver


    • F3n1x187


      • AB


    • Darrell

      Should should be the Chivette of the week. Go to the Chive offices and take some shots, pictures too.

  • Bubba

    #6 please find for all that is holy

    • Mike D

      Brooke Secrets

  • Bisco3458

    #34 is worth finding!!!

    • bob

      Kari sweets



    • Indeed

      I think it's kari sweets

  • Brian


    I saw this European spy / hotty pulling this move every time one of the Americans lined up a shot yesterday at the Ryder Cup. Totally through them off their game.

    • savagecabbage


    • Adam

      I was there….she was not! I wish she were though!

    • skinger

      Too bad she wasn't there… Tiger would have played better.

  • @JBCrazylife

    I know #26

    • Beaker

      Well then, do yourself and all other chivers a favor and have her send in moar!

      • paigeyy_hillman

        that's me:) & thanks! ha

        • dasuperfan

          Dear sweet golden haired adorable baby jesus please tell me you live in illinois?

          • paigeyy_hillman

            lol nope. if you have twitter follow me on there! @lcchivette 🙂

    • reaperMEDIC

      Here is her twitter

    • @KCCONola

      That's my mini me! Go girl! Love u!!

      • paigeyy_hillman

        that I am! love you beautiful!

        • EazydoesitNYC

          Good job keep chivin

  • Iso

    #15 is a 2011 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup cheerleader. (best I could do)

  • SAFC_Pete

    #1 is Polly Parsons, British TV presenter…

  • Tyrion Lannister

    By the Beard of Zeus! You are wonderful and beautiful

  • NoHope4Some

    # 10

    • NoHope4Some

      I failed

      • Nahvis


  • Brandon Sparks

    #1 #2 #14 #15 #25 #27 #30 #34

    • Johnnie Robbins

      #14 is brittany diane mcmiller.

  • Bisco3458

    #1 I would like to find you and join you for tea

  • Dabeast

    #29 yurizan Beltran

    • Sir Worthington

      Does nobody else notice the glory hole to the right below her boob?

      • chebbs14

        well…she is a porn star

      • F3n1x187

        How in fucks sakes you noticed a glory hole in that picture?!?!?!!

    • DeLorean

      I was just watching that movie yesterday, glad I wasn't the only one who recognized her.

    • Canucks_Rule

      knows how to smoke a sausage. –>

  • NoHope4Some

    #10 4-some?

    • @SoCalChiver

      the girl in the middle is Elle Navarro

    • Canucks_Rule

      already answered above.

    • Notknowing

      There is too much porn in this pic…not that I'm complaining.

  • Iso

    #34 Kari Sweets?

    • DWolf

      Looks like…

    • @LFGD1978

      yes in indeed :-O

  • Zesurfer
  • Beaker

    #24 Good God, man! We need MOAR!

    • someguy

      she is a polish girl. check out

    • 1biz

      Her name is Ewa Sonnet

      • doug

        Or you can find her on Facebook under her birth name, too: Beata Dabrowska.

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