Hot Right Now: Sofia will be your guide through the week (16 Photos)

Finish your afternoon tea, then please Find Her (34 Photos)

  • karan

    chive…please find #19…..if you do… marry her there and then… send you such a big donation…u could make the chive mansion out of it!!!!!

  • Johnnie Robbins

    #14 is brittany mcmiller

  • Matt

    #13 — gross. Might as well be a man.

  • erw311

    #5 ow wow…..

  • froman70302

    #21 #24 must have MOAR!!!!

  • Anderson463

    #6 That is Brooke Secrets. Her twitter handle is @Brooksecrets. She has a smoken body!!!

  • Esti Fan

    Pretty sure #5 is Esti Ginzburg

  • truetx

    #17 #17#17#17 black and blue and tatoos is this what love feels like speechless fucking beautiful please find moar!!!!!!!!!!

  • azp

    #33 SHOULD BE PART OF PHOTOSHOP FAILS… check the grout lines on the tiles lol

  • cameron

    what up reppin STL thats what im talking about GO CARDS lol

  • Chiver_Sammy

    #19 & #34 are at the top of my must find list…

  • Ryan

    #10 in the center is Elle Navarro. She was Lucious on season 2 of For the love of Ray J.

  • Clarke

    Requester for #26 – Be a bi-curious Marine of female gender. And then send pictures.

    • paigeyy_hillman

      wait what? lol. that's me?

  • Blah

    # 19 is Tiffany Stephenson from grape creek Texas

  • just sayin

    #19 chloe

  • gflo

    #10 L to R
    Chrisitne Mendoza, Elle Navarro, Justene Jaro

  • Jeff

    #15 This girl was in a cheerleader post a year or two ago. It was a " pro cheerleaders in bikinis" post…if that helps

  • billyjack13

    #33 #6 On my face, right now…..

  • Chris

    #30 Tiffany Toth. Playboy bunnie

  • Chris

    There will be no calm to be had until #15 is found.

  • JSt31

    There is a reason #1 is on the top of the list. She needs to be the top priority.

  • Brian D

    #24 Can't …look …away…
    Also, #6 & #10 are a big, "yes please!" from me.

  • Brett S

    #7: She's one of the Sprint Cup girls. Can't tell which one cuz all blonds with sunglasses look the same in pictures taken of TV's so I'm not sure which one). There's 3 of them: Kristen, Kim, and Jaclyn. Almost got my picture with Kristen at one of the races but she had to go do some hit chick things for the show.
    I'm right there with you, though. They make firesuits look hot! (ba dum tss).

    Here is their facebook

  • MrCrendon

    picture 21 is Lucy Pinder

  • Matty
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