Rich Hong Kong tycoon offers $65 million to any man who wins the heart of his daughter (22 Photos)


  • DAVE

    challenge accepted

  • Jodaddy

    I'm down with the challenge. Where do I sign up? If he just wants a baby, my boys swim 🙂

  • Niko

    I can't believe no one's called dibs yet!

  • Rob

    Forget that shit. Let her keep eatin that cat

  • Canucks_Rule

    #6 – if that's her wife, i want her instead.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Thoridin58

    Even without the $65 Million offer I would give it a shot if I wasn't already married. She is not bad looking and her response when asked about her father's offer, "He just wants what he believes is best for me", shows she is pretty down to Earth. A guy could do worse.

  • kimohoyo

    I accept that challenge

  • A BiPolar Guy

    Damn fool. She may have to go into hiding for a while to avoid idiots who think they can accomplish this. Even if she were straight the chances of this ending well would be slim to none. Love your kids, wether they turn out as you hoped or not. It's all you can do. I know.

  • Jules

    IT'S A TRAP!

  • Jay

    I'm annoyed by this. Why can't he accept her choice to be with another woman? Pretty fucking extreme!

  • haters gonna hate

    to many -'s this was hilarious!!!

  • лещ

    сиськи есть

  • ktrain

    ill do it…how do i apply?

  • @FrostwolfRonin

    REALLY??? No one else is going to say it? Fine, I'll do it.

    "Les-B-an? I am disappoint, daughter. You leave, come back Les-A-an."

  • Sieggelwald

    I'll give it a crack. 5 mil for a good faith effort?

  • payl

    i would love to marry and i would be a very good husband so msg me

  • paul

    i would love to marry her she is very pretty and i would be a very good husband she can move with me or so msg me back in i do have a real pic but i dont how to upload it on this website.but msg me and i love to marry your daughter

  • Timothy

    Am a ugandan male aged 22 but sir i will be very grateful if am handed this chance to make your daughter feel like a woman .am a honest ,intelligent and i always stand by my word but with due respect sir i dont want the cash i just want the girl cause shes beautiful i dont care what they say .0703713993 is my number and u can meet me on timothyserunjogi/

  • antony

    ill marry her for the money hoo knows maybe we'll fall in love

  • mrhongkong

    holy cow, on first glace i'd thought she looked nice. but check the nose shadow make up.
    look carefully, she is a MAN. has a man face. holy cow, make up is REALLY misleading.

  • Oraezue chris

    Pls sir i want to marry her. Let her call me on phone 08136909793 so that we discuss well on that

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