There’s something unusual here… (31 Photos)

  • There'saholeinmysock

    Chive, you're getting bad for posting the same pictures.. Multiple times… In the same gallery. Also the ad banners, they're pretty lame; the ad banners without an exit button, FML.

    • Darby Must Die

      Is there a hole in your head too?. Not a single picture was posted twice in this gallery. Though I do have to agree that the banners are pretty annoying.

      • Ivan

        To avoid banners, try Firefox with NoScript.

  • Dillon

    #11 Spider-band

  • erik

    #5 Quick someone get the Bat-chopper-Repellent!!

  • TonyM

    #23 This isn't what i expected to find when i googled "Melody Pond having a shower".

  • Orukal

    #12 Trigger discipline with both hands, Grandma.

  • Anomanom

    #12 Nana is a straight O.G.

  • TommyB

    #16 I had to see it about 3 times to realize what the hell he was doing then laughed my ass of when I finally got it.
    With enough sleep deprivation – EVERYTHING is funny!

  • ...


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