A nice article about Farrah’s story, theCHIVERS’ charitable nature, and the future of Chive Charities

add farrah A nice article about Farrahs story, theCHIVERS charitable nature, and the future of Chive Charities

I often receive emails from Chivers asking me to post more articles about theCHIVE. Sadly, I rarely grant interviews because I think mainstream media is a silly thing. But when Melanie Asmar from Westword expressed interest in writing about theCHIVE’s charitable nature and the future of Chive Charities, I hopped on the phone.

Read the article RIGHT HERE.

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  • Joshua

    I like the 10%ers. TheChive is the best darn community I have ever been apart of. Everyone I have ever met that Chive's are always the coolest people on the planet. Proud to be a 10 percenter..
    making the world 10% happier. Good article. KCCO you must.

  • Womb_Raider

    This is why I love this site like no other. The boobs are a huge plus though! KCCO my fellow champions of life!

  • Big Duke 6

    Proud to be a chiver!

  • Evodave

    John is Deputy Ellis from True Blood! Mind blown.

  • Feistychivette


  • Sterling


  • the_mike

    Well done John and fellow Chivers!

  • ksc

    I reached out to the chive about a year ago with a great idea for chivers to generate recurring donations for charities without opening up their own check books.

    Sadly, my calls and emails were never returned. It is a perfect fit for the chive audience, such a huge missed opportunity.

    • GeoQuin4

      It's possible that it was lost among what I imagine is the millions of e-mails they have to sift through. Feel free to share the idea here and maybe we, the Chivers, can take it upon ourselves to do something about it.

  • GeoQuin4

    A friend of mine suggested this site to me back in January of this year. At first I simply found it as a way to pass time while bored at work, but quickly discovered a sense of community throughout. Whether it's Chivettes helping us get through our mundane workday, or awesome animals to help us laugh off that illness, or even joining together to help someone out, I've just never been a part of something so purely awesome. I've found inspiration to be a better person for those around me and for those I don't even know, and for myself. Seeing posts of people in similar situations like mine and to see them come out of it (I'm a former body-builder, state champion wrestler, and All-American football player that went to a depressing +310lbs, that's now been able to step up and start changing my life) is a constant reminder that it can be done and it's just inspirational. In recent months I've found the strength to quit smoking (after 19 years), start eating right, drinking right, exercising, and trying to get back to my full potential. And I can honestly say that I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am without my amazing woman by my side and theChive for inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have a long way to go but couldn't be happier being a part of this while I do it.

    • FireMedicSlim

      Solid work, man. Chive on, Drive on and when things get tough remember you are lapping everyone on the couch. Stick with it, bud. You'll thank yourself later.

      • GeoQuin4

        Thanks man, that means a lot. Sometimes it's tough not to think about how stupid I am to have let myself get o his point in he first place and the fear I have that I won't reach my goal. My original end of year goal was 240, and my overall goal is 190, looks like I'll be well past my end of year goal as long as I keep going. Thanks a ton for the support, it really does go a long way.

  • SteveiB

    It doesn't get much better then that but I'm sure the Chivers will prove that wrong…..

  • Nanook

    Although I am somewhat older than the average Chiver (More like the BFM demographic), I have been Chiving for a couple of years now. Having been there and done that more than most, I cannot express how amazed at and proud I am of theChive nation. I have proudly donated to your very special causes and will continue to do so. The fact theChive is not looking for accolades is exactly why I support it. Good job guys. Sometimes you just have to grin and accept that pat on the back. This is one of them. TheChive rocks. And oh yea, because boobs.

  • Snake02

    This is awesome!

  • Lee

    Hmm 10% er KCCO shirts soon?

  • profoundgarage

    John and Leo should have statues of themselves on Venice beach for what they started. A volleyball net could be strung between them.

  • Luke

    This is what I'm going to show everyone when they ask me about my poster in my office or what the Chive is. Best way to explain it.

  • The Bacon Chronicles

    GROUP HUG! Hands of my honkbags , though. Sorry.

    Great article – love this place!

    • FireMedicSlim

      Extended squeezey hug so I can at least feel some squishy?

  • BRAD

    10%er indeed!!!! People truely do love giving, no matter the size of donation, chive on! I hope we stay an underground society of awesomeness!!!! Fuck mainstream!

  • SubstituteReality

    You guys make me proud to be a Chiver. The boob pictures too, but mostly this

  • CountryKitten

    I'm so proud to be a chivette!!! I ❤ you chivers and fellow chivettes!!!

  • Brendan

    Bravo Chive, Bravo!

  • Danny

    Right on

  • Tstain

    In a not so nice world, we KCCO and spread goodwil to others.

  • TNchiver

    Great article! Solid interview John! And on a side note, I've been a Chiver for quite some time and had no idea you played on True Blood! That cracked me up!

  • TX Chiver

    Chivers Chive and I'm a 10%er. Thank y'all for everything you provide to us and to everyone else. Chive on!

  • Canucks_Rule

    very cool what the chive did for this girl.

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