A nice article about Farrah’s story, theCHIVERS’ charitable nature, and the future of Chive Charities

add farrah A nice article about Farrahs story, theCHIVERS charitable nature, and the future of Chive Charities

I often receive emails from Chivers asking me to post more articles about theCHIVE. Sadly, I rarely grant interviews because I think mainstream media is a silly thing. But when Melanie Asmar from Westword expressed interest in writing about theCHIVE’s charitable nature and the future of Chive Charities, I hopped on the phone.

Read the article RIGHT HERE.

  • OregonChivette

    Proud to be part of this amazing chive family! KCCO!

  • cnumbah5

    This is a fantastic article and points out the major reasons why we all love this site and each other for that matter. The greatest thing anyone person can do in life is to help others, even if it is just to help them laugh or smile. KCCO

  • GGwhatYoNameIs

    I had to share this article. I'm proud to call myself a Chiver. I was stopped by a guy at a Circa Survive concert a few weeks ago and he asked to take his picture with me because I was wear my Mind The Gap shirt and wanted to take a picture with another fellow Chiver. Love this god damn community. It's reassuring to see that we as humans can still come together despite our differences and help each other.

    KCCO Chivers and Chivettes! You're all beautiful people.

    • GGwhatYoNameIs

      Don't mind my typos. I'm high.

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