Celebs all age just a little bit differently (31 Photos)

  • Mari

    #11 you just destroyed my James Bond fantasies…

  • GeoQuin4

    #16 isn't the one on the left Ethan Embry? The kid from Dutch?

    • amrith777

      It's Jim Parsons,the Emmy award winner from "The Big Bang Theory" that plays Sheldon Cooper.I am a lesbian but I would fuck the shit out of him–something about him,not sure what…..

      • GeoQuin4

        Yeah, I knew it was Jim Parsons on the right, he's my favorite character on TBBY; actually, that's a tough one to decide… either way, he really looked like that little brat from Dutch in the younger pic.

      • JdJ

        kinda makes sense considering he's gay

  • RedStapler

    I would give anything to know what he sounded like in high school.

  • Jessica

    #13 went from a fat mall goth to the joker

    • amrith777

      Kelly/Kellie is a pretty girl but she wears too much make-up and the wrong kind,IMO.Ever see her sister Amy?HAWT! :p

  • Jessica

    #26 pretty soon, Axl will ge the diabeetus

  • Jessica

    #30 Viggo is still smoking hot

    • EvilDungbeetle

      He's slowly turning into Ed Harris.

  • Med

    Could pass for the bad lady/mom from The Goonies

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #4 mmm so yummy

  • gordysmum

    #3 #25 delicious #31 awesomeness… the definition. and the narrator of our lives.

  • Chaosd


    Holy crap she got hot

  • Bustanut

    Getting old is a bitch, 20yrs from now most of these people will be dead or on blood thinners

  • K bob

    #5 space for rent! People pay to to see her,we're in trouble!!!!!

    • amrith777

      She was so beautiful….Why do women do this to themselves?

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabeth.davis.3998 Elizabeth Davis

    #31 still looks old even when he was "young".

  • matt

    #1 #24 #29

  • hexodecimal

    He's slowly turning into a pumpkin!

  • SirCtheIII

    #23 that is SO Raven.
    #28 yes please.

  • jazzberry

    #13 Kelly you rock.

  • Andy

    that arogon guy looks like a vampire now

  • http://www.facebook.com/jorge.ceja.37 Jorge Ceja

    #24 is Ryan gosling (spelling)

  • nick

    why is the older michael j fox picture not a little blurry? ;] #29

    • Dub G

      I was thinking it should be a .gif…

  • red4

    #5 I can't believe she was actually attractive at some point in her life.
    #7 Meryl used to be hot. She still is, but she used to be too.

    • amrith777

      Meryl Streep has always been a beauty and she is a lovely person in general,as well…making her all the MORE beautiful,IMO.

      • red4

        Agreed. She's sweet as hell.

  • Tanner

    33% of celebrities change their appearance by wearing glasses.

  • DeVo

    This is the first time I noticed #3 had rhinoplasty.

  • Brent

    Wow, Jack Nicholson looked old when he was younger. #8

  • dude

    #23 she looks good now but I liked her when she was thick not fat but thick with the tig ol bitties.

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