Doing weird sh*t isn’t normal, but in Japan it is (29 Photos)

  • jubbs

    Hire an asian to vet some of these photos >.>
    Half of them arent even taken from Japan 🙂

  • Hanz Nfranz

    Wrong site, tard center. You're looking for craigslist rant and raves. That's where all the other 9/11 conspiracy whack-jobs go.

  • SixPigeons

    As others here have pointed out, a good half of these aren't from Japan. It's an understandable mistake in some cases, but a lot of these shots (all of the Southeast Asian scooter pics, for example) don't even seem remotely similar to Japan. It just seems really lazy to use the Asian+strange=Japan formula without even bothering to see if the writing on a package looks Japanese or not.

  • cambo125

    Makes me wanna goto Japan even more. Normal is boring.

  • german_chiver

    Just noticed that i've seen #23 somewhere else before….

  • Pezski

    Just checking, but you do know that "Japan" and "Asia" aren't the same thing…?

  • treblecase

    First Chive FAIL post for quite some time…Whole of Japan is not Asia. No wonder American sucks in Geography!

  • Joe

    Only half are from Japan (or one area in Tokyo). 100% ignorant. Great work, morons at the Chive… Why don't you just stick to easy, drunk girls. Seems you have a hard time stepping out of your comfort zone and not stumbling over your own racism.

  • shoelessjoe

    Only in 'Merica is Japan considered to be the entire Asian continent.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 #11 – oh japan, never change.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • kylecali

    #14 is In Taipei, Taiwan. The reason why we asians do so many weird things is because alcohol isn't a requirement to have a good time. More daring to do things and not have the option to blame alcohol.

  • evad

    #4 and #9 = Indonesia ..

  • juan torrez

    they just stopped giving a fuck.

  • Datura

    I have to go to Japan! How can you not love this shit?!? Thailand was out there but this place looks like it is on a different level all together!!!

  • boofckinhoo

    A lot of these (like any picture with a motorcycle/scooter) aren't from Japan. Asia as a whole, compared to the US, is "odd." But I do love living here in Japan-land! So much crazy shit.

  • Quan

    The chive is getting lame. Can't even get their facts straigt

  • LostBroncoFan


  • lols

    i bet #18 is nicer on the inside

  • Matthew

    A lot are not Japan. Wrong name for this post Chive. No worries just call it Asia next time unless your sure.

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