• Shane

    Do this playing drums and ill be impressed. Just kidding. I don't even want a guitar anymore.

  • <TC>

    Chive, I'm blaming you if METAL makes a comeback… seriously.

    With that said, that is pretty impressive.

  • Elizabeth Davis

    I bet that weird eyebrow move gets him laid all the time…

    Poor guy.

  • Deep Dish

    Not my style of music, but still impressive. What I always find funny about these kind of videos, though, is that none of the greatest guitarists of all time could do gimmicky stuff like this. They could take simple riffs and add so much meaning and soul to them that gimmicks weren't needed.

    • Dave

      Being a 'great' guitarist is subjective, completely depends upon your criteria. For example, I wouldn't rank Hendrix in the top 200 guitarists because whilst he was a great showman, his technical ability doesn't come close to that of someone like Petrucci. Hell, I would even rank this guy above Hendrix

      • tim

        Just in case you aren't trolling… Let me say that even if Hendrix didn't play guitar solos, his songwriting and composition skills are pretty much top notch. Wind Cries Mary, Purple Haze, Foxy Lady, Crosstown Traffic, Little Wing, If 6 was 9, Fire, Stone Free, Castles Made of Sand, Manic Depression, Red House…this list is very long of CLASSIC songs written by Hendrix.

        But he did play guitar solos, and was regarded by pretty much ALL of the upper echelon of guitar players as the greatest electric rock guitar player of all time. Ask your Petrucci about Hendrix, I'm sure he will enlighten you.

        • Dave

          Nope not trolling, just voicing my opinion. We have different criteria for what makes a guitarist "great", that's fine. I agree with you on his song writing skills, his ability to express himself through his guitar was amazing. His overall musicality and showmanship is the reason people still talk about him, and probably always will. But for me, to be a truly great guitarist you have to combine these attributes with technical ability which I don't believe he had. I found this video interesting:


          • Deep Dish

            Greatness has nothing to do with technical ability. I could sit down and learn pretty much any solo Dave Gilmour ever wrote in an hour, but I could spend the rest of my life trying to play it as well as him. That's what makes a great guitarist.

  • Frylock

    That's not what shredding is

  • Spelling Police

    Ibanez VBT700. Awesome guitar. Hard to find now.

  • Def Leppards Drummer

    I used to be able to do that.

  • Phil

    Have yet to see someone truly shred with short hair. Play on, Samson of song, play on.

  • Albus

    This dude probably has so many records on Guitar Hero.

  • herp derp

    I love the bit with the intense eye contact…. hilarious!

  • quailman8907

    I just don't understand why someone that is clearly talented would be playing that kind of music…makes me le sad.

  • Jim Dangle

    Musical talent: Level VIRGIN

  • Esto


  • Canucks_Rule

    not my kinda music, but props on the mad skills.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • xnikolai

    This guy's the Alpha and the Omega.

  • grumpy

    He'd be rich…if he could only travel back to 1983.

  • Servante

    I can't believe there wasn't a single comment calling bullsh*t. Unless it was supposed to be fake. Kinda hard to palm mute the chords without the other hand! haha

    • Zac

      He can, I've seen it live at House of Rock in Corpus Christi early last year. the whole band is amazing!

  • rob guitar tutor

    very good

  • guitar tutor

    ha ha

  • TheFrontier

    And I thought I had good hand eye coordination! Way to shred!

  • Park Diesel

    They make guitars now that let you just finger chords to play? He only strummed for three seconds.

    • Zac

      uuuhhh… DUUUUUH! its called "sustain". You OBVIOUSLY do not play electric guitar…

  • Jerry

    And the drums just come naturally…

  • Josephanthony

    By the time that ended, my hair had grown long and permed, my jeans had turned into day-glo spandex, and my chair had become a giant wolf which I am now riding across a post-apocalyptic landscape!

  • Brendon

    THE MUSIC WAS DUBBED. He Might have been playing something but not what we heard.

    • Zac

      You couldnt be MORE wrong..

  • The Duke

    He must have asian parents -.-

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