• Dan

    When did guitar hero get strings?

  • cdneh69

    anyone else think this guy looks like Geddy Lee from Rush? wtf?

  • Steve

    I was gonna flip if he was asian…..

  • salmonpack

    He's doing the drums with his toes, too.

  • Huicho

    this dude is no joke. check out their other youtube videos. the band is from San Antonio, TX i used to work with one of the other members.

    • Zac

      youre wrong. they are from Harlingen. Ive seen them live, met these guys.

      • huich

        ok guy. the other dude in band works for us and i can assure you they live in San Antonio.

  • Zac

    This guy is part of the band "Immortal Guardian". They are from Harlingen Texas, and Ive seen them live. This guy plays dual lead guitar with the other guitarist, while playing the keyboard as well! They are AWESOME!!! m/

  • mikhael

    yeah, well he wrote that tune in memory of the last girl he fingered…because she died…

  • Pete

    Not fair at all. He is part Asian.

  • Guitarist

    He probably spent a lot of time to play well

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