I really like where this is going (20 HQ Photos)

When famed Me in My Place photographer Michael Edwards has a photoshoot, many of the images go viral quickly, his unique style is easy to recognize.

So when photos of fitness model MC Barao hit the Me in My Place blog last week, I stopped in to say hello. When I noticed MC was scrolling theCHIVE, I emailed Michael to express my undying gratitude. His response, "Yeah, I thought you'd like that one. KCCO."

There are many more photos (some a little unsafe for work) RIGHT HERE.

For a lot more from this MIMP shoot, here you go.

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    […] • MC Barao shows off her sexy place […]

  • thorsky

    We've got lips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • DeltaLimaCharlie

    Grow up and be a big boy and get some stainless appliances.

  • Larry

    #19 – POV please…

  • Terwilliger

    Giggady, Giggady, Gig Ga Dy

  • FunKiller

    #9 #13 Eeeeewwww no no no no no no…look at those armpits….f'n disgusting, you killed it!!!!

  • b choosy

    this will be my new homepage….



    dam!!!!! How cool is that? To see a chic I used to work with on the Chive! You look great Maria Christine!

  • Steveo

    Too skinny….and ugly……

  • BetweenTheGap

    Online sluts are the best. Because I can exploit them in my mind and they can do nothing about it. Muah..haha.Muahaha

  • http://mikedyess.info/bc/bar-refaeli%e2%80%99s-sex-tape-melissa-satta-is-asstastic-afternoon-dump/ Bar Refaeli’s Sex Tape & Melissa Satta is Asstastic [Afternoon Dump]

    […] • MC Barao shows off her sexy place […]

  • Sion

    mmmmmm #8 #9 #15

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 – i just hope she be choppin' some taco fixins!!

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • tjo55555

    #19 #20 Are you kidding me?!?!

  • ApM

    Would kill for this

  • htown

    Anywhere, any place, any time. I'm always looking for a new stamp on my passport.

  • d1gitalpunk

    i like where that went

  • Rick


    Unlike some folks, I just love that cute little ass.

  • busterbrown

    #9 and#4 so hot

  • the chobe

    pancake butt

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1359448189 Paweł Smołka

    Awesome appartment!

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