If you like tattoos get in here (36 Photos)

  • https://www.facebook.com/chadd.n.sult Chadd Nicholas Sult

    I know that creativity and sense of humor is probably what these girls look for but #23 when I saw her all I could think was dirty thoughts and I had to wipe the drool from my chin… insane hot!

  • RayRay

    #9 and #34 need to be found!!!!

  • Jason

    stop using words like "tatted"..they're stupid

  • Irish777

    O MY GOD I LOVE…..tattoos

  • http://www.facebook.com/gordon.coopmaniii Gordon

    #7 i like your style

  • socket2me

    Girl with the Iron Maiden shirt won it for me

  • Spens

    #21…Thank you.

    I can't believe nobody has called her out yet! Very Nice!!

  • jose ramirez

    #30 and #36….FUCK YES!!!!

  • Tristan Evans


  • LSAngelina

    Tattoos are so not cool anymore.

  • lindy919

    What's a word that means the OPPOSITE of sexy?

  • Alex

    #18 is my dream girl…Talisa Monet

  • Ashley

    Not my best picture, but hey whatever works 🙂

  • Kiro

    #24 MOAR! MOAR! MOAR!!!

    • Ashley

      You're too sweet;)

  • Oslaf

    Breath taking

  • Taylor

    Dear God. For the love of god and all things holy, find #10. WOW

  • ohthatjim

    #6 is an absolute stunner.

  • junichols87

    #33 Good Lord that is a lovely comforter

  • jimmer nobody

    #11 Holy Moly!! An Iron Maiden t-shirt.

  • Resheema Jenkins

    Ruined for life. Really bad decisions that last a lifetime.

  • Anonymous

    #5 Show the beautiful tits!!

  • absure2

    #11 #13 #20 #31 #14
    Pretty ladies! their hot well formed bodies are a work of art!
    14 Please turn around sweet heart

  • Shawn M

    MOAR! #23
    And Holy Sweet Jesus that's a Nice Ass! #36

  • Jake

    It's about time someone submitted Amy Dressel. That girl is unbelievably gorgeous. She's even more covered in tattoos now, too. Google her and drool.

    • Newman

      Hell no. Why would wish to see a girl deface herself with crappy tattoos. She's a skank.

  • Bryan

    Too many girls ruining their bodies with tattoos. It's disappointing to see so many troubled, misguided people.

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