Impressive corn maze designs (40 Photos)

  • dtree12

    damn aliens are talented!!!!

    • SMD?

      Hey, whatever happened to that 'suck me dry' guy? I miss him.

      • suck me dry

        allllllllllll the way off. Happy?

        • SMD?

          Never been happier.

      • Paula_

        FINALLY got laid.

        – not by me though

    • iSEE

      i believe the "Fritzler Family" just gave themselves away…

  • tiger

    Works of art

    • RYNO!

      No shit. I can't even cut a god damned 2×4 straight and these guys can manage perfect pictures without even seeing the whole thing, and you know, doing it our of a giant damned field… DAMN!

  • Benji

    not FIrst

    • DickBagel

      Wow, how did you accomplish that?? You are soooo fuckin talented.

      • Benji

        Well, there was already a comment posted prior to my post. So…that is how I accomplished that. I hope I was insightful.

  • TheDude

    #3 Seems like a waste of time

    • Frank

      Marketing. They showed this on the local news in Denver. Lots of Bronco fans will take their kids to this maze over the others and pay 5-8 bucks a pop to go through.

      • TheDude

        Yep, the Broncos can go suck it.

        • Frank

          I agree there, but it is good marketing.

      • Kevin Mills

        you're right, making a corn maze isn't a waste of time, but going to one is.

    • Barf

      anyone else notice the "FRITZLER FAMILY" are fucken aliens???

  • _DoC_

    I cant even draw any of that on paper.

  • Tiber_Septim

    corn mazes are amazing #34 looks challenging

    • ^etcrr

      lame comments are lame

  • Troy Schreurs

    And I thought finding my way out of IKEA was hard

  • N2MotoX

    How about some corvhole designs?

  • hmmm

    still believe in crop circles ……

  • SPZander

    Starting to question the reality of a good number of these… the topics just seem so random for the effort involved in the creation.


    #6 MERICA' s history told through….corn


    And I have trouble drawing stick figures.

  • Hrdwood

    #34 Looks like Field of Screams… sorry, was that too corny?

  • Brent
  • PA2AK

    Crop designs…as cool as internet explorer. Get back to growin and quit driving up the price of food!

    • BenD6000

      Corn mazes are a form of agri-tourism, which gives the producer additional income, which means he doesn't need to be paid as much per unit to turn a profit. Most of the price increases of food at the consumer level are due to the increased cost of transportation and because grocery stores like money.

  • foshizzle


  • ari

    maybe humans make those on some martians' corn fields, and their authorities claimed 'em as hoaxes

  • janeyqueen

    Aliens fucking with Mel Gibson.


    Dumb all the way around! I'll thumbs down my own shit muhfuggas

  • Boltzfan

    #3 in La Salle , Co … fuk the broncos !!

  • Twin Cities 4 Life

    #16 & #38!! Yeah budddy! Reppin MN! We ❤ CORN! 🙂

    • bczu

      Jersey corn is better

  • Fogarty

    #32 yeah alberta!!!

    • Hoovus

      I have some fond memories of the Lacombe corn maze. Glad to see it make theChive.

  • BabyMistakes
    • Snorllex

      Fuck, you beat me to it!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Is it just me, or is #9 inverted?

  • That Dude

    So thats why the aliens fly around earth, they are just checking out some art.

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