Impressive corn maze designs (40 Photos)

  • Maize

    I work at a non-profit farm in Charlotte, our corn maze gives us the funding to educate kids on farms, nature, and local history. Some farmers are only able to keep their farms operating b/c of the revenue that a corn maze can bring. We could not survive without ours. Chive on!

  • chris

    I wonder if this was necessary during a drought year?

  • FarknChiveon

    I prefer maize mazes.

  • IDTenT

    So I see the first one.. and I'm thinking… Wow, that's amazing. Then I see 39 other pictures and I'm wondering.. Am I missing something? This seems incredibly difficult but so many people have the time and are able to do this? I mean, how do you even go about doing something like this? Do you have your own helicopter pilot saying " A little to the left, turn right". Again I ask- AM I MISSING SOMETHING?

    • DrFunkenstein

      I would guess GPS on farm equipment.

  • Rob

    #31 just did a mud run here last weekend. Central Valley represent

    • Frank

      yeaaa buddy

  • T-Bone

    alot of these seem shopped???

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #9 #38 – simply amazing.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • 562chiver

    Aliens got too much time on their hands

  • mdot

    Fear the turtle! Did any one else catch that, thats awesome.

  • Yeah

    Uncle Shuck's made it! Badass. I'll be going there soon.


  • Over9000

    #23 Don't forget to shoot the corn cannon while you are at Uncle Shucks. And go at night, it is better.

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