In case you were wondering, this is how dating works in Tehran (Video)

According to this guy with a video camera and an internet connection at least. If anyone has any first hand experience I’d love to know what you think of this, because it’s one of the most fascinating things I’ve seen in a while. Honestly the similarities are as beautiful as the differences.

  • I love you

    ****ing dumb culture

    • I love you too

      Appreciate how lucky you are to say that because in some countries with "****ing dumb cultures" you would never have a chance to express that. Appreciate what you have and observe, it may be different than your own but it is still someone's way of living.

      • The True Schrude

        It's better than the way men try to meet women in the club here. They walk up behind them while they're dancing in a group, stick their crotch half way up the woman's ass and see if she turns around or not. Then they stand there for five minutes until they give up and move on.

        Whatever happened to "Hi, what's your name? I'm Mike"

        • Andy Valentine

          But my name isn't Mike.

          • thechevron


    • KKCO

      Fucking dumb comment.

      • KKCO

        and the girl at the end is ridiculously gorgeous.

  • Icon600

    How about the girl In the car? Is she single? Damn!

    • BobbyD

      she is very cute/hot

    • Alex

      Let's get her on Find Her.

    • T-breh


      • @JJrrake

        Amen to that a yung sloan mckewik

    • PiratesFan

      I'll take it upon myself to go over there and liberate her.

    • Girl In Car

      What kind of car do you have?

    • Terry

      I'd buy that for 6 goats.

  • Julia

    Nice attempt to falsely characterize a entire culture. Modesty in women does not mean they are repressed. They can do what they want, when they want, as long as they follow the law – just as it is in most countries.

    • Im not an ostrich.

      lol, even when you see it firsthand you're STILL in denial. Are you speaking from experience or just the knee jerk politically correct standpoint you were brought up on?

      If these people were NOT repressed they wouldn't have to go to such drastic lengths to meet up.

      But you keep burying your head in the sand if it makes you feel better.

      • JESSE

        Could not agree more. Where are the women's organizations that "fight" for equality?! Contemporary feminism is a joke. This Julia ^^^ and Barack's Julia should be a complete outrage to successful women in every country. "follow the law" sounds like every slave in history who accepts his or her fate.

        • john

          Why are you referencing Barack Obama?

          • DoublePlusGood

            I believe he is referencing Obama Administration Propaganda about how Obamacare will help (…which is total BS. It's just adding to social programs no one wants to at least bring under control that are fiscally crushing the U.S.
            The Gov't, whether it's a theocracy dictatorship like In Iran or Liberty crushing like our Fed has become over the last 60 years, should NOT tell you what to do in a one size fits all manner. Read Orwell's 1984 for more.

          • JESSE

            to point out the sad state of contemp feminism. You know, like I said in the 3rd sentence above.

    • MikeOverHere

      As long as they follow the oppressing laws…

    • Lynus

      Wow! Stunning naivete! The law says they have to be covered in a tarp when outside, and must be accompanied by a male. But as long as they agree to the 1001 restrictions, they can do whatever they want. You must be 12.

      • DERP

        no one is covered in a tarp, many people own private beaches and in southern tehran woman are frolicking in thongs .. do NOT need a male to be accompanied out side. not in iran.

        • Tim

          LOL. Yeah man. Iran is great.

          Apart from the treatment of women, and you know, the other human rights abuses that they perpetrate.

          But feel free to live in your fuzzy happy Iran delusion.

    • imyourhuckleberry

      Whatever they want, huh? But when they get raped, they only need 3 male witnesses in order to report it. And husband can divorce his wife for no reason and throw her out empty-handed, all he has to do is say, "I divorce you." Oh and let's not forget the stoning for accusations of infidelity

      • DERP

        again, not in IRAN!!!!! sheesh .. Iran is not an arab country people!!!

        • Tim

          Wow, the idiocy is thick with this one.

        • Frank

          "Not an Arab country"

          I do not think this means what you thin it means.

    • The_Dood
    • DoublePlusGood

      If you learned that crap from a University course on sociology or the like, ask for your money back, they are brainwashing you. Don't forget to hand in your NewSpeak Dictionary…

  • Applefish

    He's got one hot sister.

    • 5eagles

      She's gorgeous.

    • Victoria, BC Chiver

      roger that..JOHN, FIND HER!!!

  • the cowboy

    absolutely beautiful iranian woman at the end of the video! wow!!!

  • Elaine

    WTF??? I get the ads but when I get to the vid the screen goes black. I get audio but no visuals. Dont say my flash isnt up to date because it is. I thought you ought to know there is a problem.

    • Tech Guy

      You're video card is garbage…

      • zahid

        your grammar is garbage

        • Tech Guy

          Bahaha… Well played sir. I'm usually the grammar nazi.

        • HatBomb

          That's because he is more of a Tech Guy…

  • matt

    His sister is absolutely stunning. Her natural beauty is insane. MOAR

  • IceColdBuddha


    • ozzychiver

      you can find a video of her here..

      • Tim

        Ha! I see what you did there…

    • Saddy

      Good luck! After seeing this video, the Iranian gov. will have them locked up for insulting the Prophet.

      • DERP

        that was the arab countries, not Iran ..

        • Bobestradamus

          Shut the fuck up already

  • http://Not Ismail mazari

    Like it very nice

  • g3nXsLack3r

    Come on you sassy minx, show me some ankle.

  • Kato

    His cousin's sister needs to be unwrapped. To be contained in all that layer of clothing is just unreal!

  • meh

    hey, your sister's hot.

  • Merc_Soldier

    Young people uh… uh… find a way.

    • Lev

      That's, that's chaos theory.

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Struggling with what my response should be. Must quote Jurassic Park, hmmmm. You be the judge, Which Quote do you prefer:

        A) See, here I'm now sitting by myself, uh, er, talking to myself. That's, that's chaos theory.


        B) Are these characters… auto-erotica?

  • drewdeze

    his sister is fine as hell! find her chive and ill love you forever!

    • Jake

      The one Find Her… to rule them all.

  • tayax

    Well just so you know guys. I dated an iranian girl. She was on holidays with 2 of her girl friends in France. Yeah its hard to meet someone there, but there is a huge underground network of young people partying and enjoying life as much as us people do.

    • savagecabbage

      Did you fuck her in all her clothes?. Must have been hot

      • tayax

        We were in France. She doesnt have to wear the hijab.

    • Saddy

      Yes, but it's sad that it has to be underground like 1920's Prohibition era b.s..

      • DERP

        it's actually kind of exciting!

  • Guest

    All of these people will be dead by morning. Ahmadinejad commands it!!

  • DrMa7moud

    Seems everybody forgot about the vedio and concentrated on the girl .. Can't blame them

    • Spelling Police

      *video – stay in school.

  • BigManJones

    From what I understand, and I could be wrong, the Arabic women, since they have to wear burka (or burqa), they only wear lingerie underneath. If that is true, then this nice women right here really does let me exercise my imagination. Thanks, Iran!

    • Faaaa

      Iran is not an Arab country – they're Persians

      • Larry


  • beerich

    I got yer handsome right here, baby!

  • berdell

    I was on deployment last year in the mid east. persian women are f'n hot.

  • Daith_Lee

    LOL….At 3:12, that old man looked like he was getting his stoning rock ready "What do you mean they worship metal?!"

  • fdubzou

    The sister definitely looks like she could be hot, but I'd want to see her wearing something more revealing than a burka before I decide.

  • Sean

    They have a very similar pick-up ritual in Asheville, NC. Sunny and oddly similar to this.

  • David Riky

    His sister is smoking hot!

  • Megachiver

    It's called cruising… I grew up in a Northwest GA town and the same thing happens. Only difference was a ton of hairspray and mullets. There was a loop that went through the movie theatre, down the road through the piggly wiggly parking lot, and then turn around at the sonic. I wish I was making this up…

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