Wheelchair costumes that are better than anything I could ever pull off (20 Photos)

  • Moska

    Awesome costumes. But no Superman?

  • Matt C

    Very, Very Cool. Hats off to the people who came up with these. Nice post, Chive.

  • Bustanut

    #16 is awesome

  • jamieC06

    sick, good job!!

  • http://twitter.com/joey4uncw @joey4uncw

    IThis has to be one of the best posts you guys have made. KCCO

  • Brendan

    I love the creativity of these parents! Well done Chive

  • Derby

    I Love this…. All Good!

  • weelee

    Chiver in a chair here! These are great! Its awesome to see this stuff in the mainstream chive.. Tnx a bunch!

  • Phil

    #19 kittens are always free. Dress them as puppies and at least you'll get a some money for them. (Joking)

    • Phil

      Btw, not a joke about then being handicapped.

  • Bob

    #5 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/tonytouch24kt @tonytouch24kt

    #11 beat my costume last year by about 15 cool points.

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    […] These are just some of the photos! […]

  • FireMedicSlim

    This album is full of win! However, it reminds me I can't build anything worth a damn. But awesome parents nonetheless!

  • robr3004

    # 3 and # 9 are the same girl. Go check out her blog. She is a really talented artist. http://kaseytararuj.blogspot.com/

  • robr3004

    Oh and she has a bunch of other costumes here: http://kaseytararuj.blogspot.com/search/label/cos

  • shoelessjoe

    awesome dads make me want to be a better parent

  • Riley

    #1 had me at a roll…too dang cute…all of them. Love this post.

  • GDr

    to all the children with cerebral palsy in these photos, they have KCCO this far in life by simply 🙂

  • marc

    This is great, some may be offended and others may love it but understand it I do…I have been in a wheel chair and it is not all that great it is what you make it….They are great people and it takes a special person to make the best of the situation and this is an example worth remembering.

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