• red4

    The whole point of these MPC devices is that anyone who can tap a rhythm with their wrist can make a song. It takes very little skill. I would be much more impressed if she used turntables.

  • Mike

    DJ? I see do disks!

  • Alex

    Diana, I'd buy this track so quickly you have no idea kid. it's awesome! good for you.

  • Michele

    That was amazing but… do they not own a brush in her family? Looks like she's developing unintentional dreads, which are cool normally.. but not really for a 10 year old little girl.

  • Zoot

    Ummm, she does ok on her $3000 Akai MPC2500…. Me thinks this is a bit overstated. At her age I was playing Chopin nocturnes and hating it…Wish I had one of those systems.

  • Canucks_Rule

    very cool. she could grow up to become the next reggie watts. if u've never heard of him, youtube his vids. will blow ur mind.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • AngryDragon

    i thought that was pretty f$@&ing good for a ten year old i could see that beat in a track for sure

  • https://www.facebook.com/esebenson Freddy Gomez

    will she please do beats for little wayne shes the only way to save his career

  • adsf

    this is not DJ'ing, this is producing.

  • Juiced

    Boring, No skills there. Let's see here in the 80's playing Simon says!

  • Pandapants

    Allow me to present Madeon, 16 yrs old…

  • sarma

    Sounds like Fort Minor- Believe Me

  • mkass84

    what isn't mentioned here is that the MPC quantizes everything for you, so if you mess up on the timing of something (which is almost everything when all you're doing is pushing a button), it grabs it and shifts it back to where it should be relative to the metronome. Notice how the kick and snare sound when she's playing it vs, the measure afterwards…also where did those samples come from?

  • http://www.aux.tv/2012/10/10-year-old-girl-masters-an-mpc-in-five-days/ 10-year-old girl masters an MPC in five days

    […] figured out how to do this in just 5 days. Prepare to feel bad about yourself, beatmakers. [via the Chive] blog comments powered by Disqus /* […]

  • yea

    Just think that's a bit ignorant, that's all. She doesn't push one button and then the song is finished. It does take a sense of tone and rhythm, which she has. Trumpet only has 3 buttons, that's still an instrument. And if age is an issue, didn't Mozart start begin his mastery at age 3? It doesn't have to be difficult in order to be an instrument.

    • music nerd

      dude "trumpet only has 3 buttons" is so far off base… they are not "buttons" you don't push a button on a trumpet and get a nice tone, you don't push the buttons in order on a trumpet and get a nice melody… also.. Mozart? really? you are comparing this to Mozart?

      she's talented, yes — but don't make it sound like this is as awesome as Mozart's genius or that playing the trumpet is only pushing 3 buttons.. too far dude, too far

  • music nerd

    playing a device like that is more like playing the drums than the guitar. there's still thought and talent behind it — it's all just rhythm and timing instead of chord and scale theory

  • jpot

    not impressed

  • Lance

    This is kind of weak. A 10 year old can do this.

  • Joey

    Its cool that she is only ten years old and she is a she but you could youtube "making a beat" and watch a million videos that are way more impressive.

  • Snorllex

    Maybe her parent/s just taught her to make that one beat, she should ask AraabMuzik to adopt her 😛

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