A little boost to get you through the midweek slump (40 Photos)


  • Pete

    #1 just blew my mind hole !!

    • http://www.illusionofsanity.com/blog Brandon L

      Thank you so much for not sayig "first".

      • Walls


    • Notme

      But I was drunk when I wanted it.

    • VCB

      True, but I totally regret every experience I wasted with the Albanian.

    • Joe O

      ah, but was that anything the thing you needed? boom.

  • anon

    damn I guess its time to get back on the gym grind

    • guest

      gym is part of the problem,
      cose sooner or later it turns out to f*cking boring

      • JSJ

        Yep, checking out hot girls

      • Tyler P

        That's when discipline comes into play #36

      • johnny

        You obviously aren't doing it right. I workout everyday, and everyday it is a challenge because I push myself everyday. If it's boring, then you aren't trying.

    • Chris

      Just remember to ease your way into it. A week of agonizing pain equals "back off the gym grind"….

    • nick

      If you call it the gym "grind" then you probably only do biceps and chest. Try something besides the gym!

    • TheWizardofWoz

      Quite possibly… Chive, are you trying to tell me i'm fat?

  • falacer

    #34 here here

    • N8orius

      officially going to remove mascots from my diet.

    • Charlie

      *Hear hear

      Sorry to be that guy but this one bugs me.

      • hi_steaks

        beer, beer* No apologies, no regrets.

        • abakala


    • kigero

      F' that, I'm not giving up Coco Pops

    • john

      Mr. Bean, just saying

  • fdubzou

    #6 #21 #37

    Find them…

    • Tommy

      They're all busy being awesome at your local crossfit affiliate. Go, and prosper.

    • Crossfit

      I live crossfit chicks. So sexy

    • Ryan

      Hey you guys should put together a crossfit gallery….

    • Connecticut

      21 is from Shoreline Crossfit, Branford, CT….a must find.

      • CarRamRod

        I'd say you found her…

      • 6AM

        A fellow SCF-er on chive. what up.

      • http://twitter.com/TyWall @TyWall

        Ha, I've seen this girl at a comp before in North Branford, shes pretty fiiiinnneeee.

  • gmr

    #15 Michelangelo my ass…just….no

    • Legion

      It's all about context.

      See… Leonardo was the wisest among the Turtles, Michelangelo was the joker…

    • PiratesFan

      "The trouble about quotes on the internet is you cannot confirm their validity." – Abraham Lincoln

      • shaun

        Here's the other one by MR 16.
        "87% of the stats and facts you read on the internet are false."
        Abraham Lincoln

  • skinny pete

    Most of them should be in a post called "chive hates fat people"

    • Tommy

      Right. Because a lot of people aspire to be fat. So this "motivational" post is way off base.

      • skinny pete

        And mocking fat people is inspirational? You're a joke

        • Mr. Wilson

          Something tells me skinny pete isn't that skinny.

          • lols

            "skinny pete" is the name of a character off "breaking bad"

    • guest

      "fat" is not PC. they prefer to be called the healthy-impaired.

    • Victor

      Yes Chive hates fat people, just like all the overweight people here who changed themselves hated them too…

    • Costanza

      Everyone should dislike fat people. "Hate" is a strong word, but willful unhealthiness is not something to be tolerated. When a woman says she is "curvy" she is both fat and a liar, and more than worthy of scorn from everyone. "Big Boned" is just another term for "Lazy, Unhealthy, and Unwilling to Change".

      • TheBiz

        Hey Captain Intolerant, you do have the basic understanding that people are built differently, right? Not every woman can be a fitness model, no matter how they eat and work out. Nor should every woman aspire to be. There is quite a range between zero % body fat and obese, as much as you'd like it be black and white.
        Do yourself a favor and go to a marathon or a triathlon, and check out all the different shapes and sizes of the people kicking ass there. I promise you that it doesn't look like a parade of lingerie models. Think theyre all lazy and worthy of your disdain?

        • Yum Yum Roll

          Thank you for this reply, TheBiz. Incredibly well stated. I love my "curvy" wife but that doesn't mean she is either "fat" or a "liar" who sits on the couch eating cheetos. She works out almost every day and we walk several miles every night. It is a constant struggle for some overweight people. That doesn't mean they are inferior.

          • Yup

            Just because you are under the body fat percentage for being obese should not be a goal to strive for. Those people that are are all different shapes and sizes that do triathlons and marathons quite probably maintain a unhealthy diet. Even though they can accomplish very significant physical accomplishments, they are overall not healthy. The problem now with America is that people say "I am not obese, so I am good.", but they eat very unhealthy food and the effects of their diet are not displayed externally.

            And yes, Yum Yum Roll it is extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, but it involves change and dedication. But the inability to make that change does mean they are inferior. I believe it is called natural selection. Honesty.

    • Slim Jim

      so encouraging people to get healthy is hating fat people now?

      • Lifeinoneday

        It's like when the Mormons show up at the door – I'm sure they think they're doing good work, but really they're just douches on 10 speeds. If you're a fitness evangelist – that's you, a douche in spandex pants. In the same way it's possible to be religious and quiet, it's possible to be a health nut and not tell everybody about it – just f. off and eat a carrot.

  • Chubby

    This made me confused, Chive: I thought I was on the Berry this entire post.
    (but I liked it though 🙂 )

  • Taylor

    #12 suicidal carrot

    • the chobe

      this is what u fatass bacon eating chivers should do

      • mike

        Excuse me? WTF? haven't you heard of bacon-wrapped carrots?

  • maboze1x

    Wow, looks like a glass full of health! Freshly out of a can! #24

    • Dixie Normus

      health or no health, that looks delicious.

  • Dan

    #8 Sadly, for many women I've met, their only happiness is knocking other people down to their level.

    • Petey

      Yeah…no. There's a point in there, but it's not about knocking someone down. Yeah, lift them up – give them energy and motivation to do something with their bodies. But if they're too obese (not chubby, curvy, big-boned, etc – those are fake words for people afraid to deal with reality) to be lifted up (in more sense than one), they should perhaps do something. And, as everyone who lost a lot of weight – I'm in that process right now – the greatest motivation comes from hating your "unreal" body shape.

    • socalmarti

      As a woman I agree with you, but I am also aware and aknowledge, so now I can change and try to do things diffirent and teach my daughters diffirent. 🙂


    #38 No. but maybe its because I'm so damn pretty.

    • Crushbent

      Slut…jk. I'm a Guy. Moar.

    • http://4chan.org/b/ gnocco

      a good looking guy, to me, is a stud. A Douche is a Douche is a Douche, guy or girl. The end.

    • TheBiz

      Attractive or in shape does not a douche make. Flaunting it with clothes bought at Baby Gap, getting a spray tan, shaving your arms, and walking around flexing, THAT'S what makes a douche.

    • 5eagles

      Pics or it didn't happen Jesse. 😉

  • Rusty

    So how did 14 lose her stretch marks?

    • paulhitchcock

      She didn't. They're right there on her side.

    • ray ray

      cocoa butter

  • xx1

    I didn't saw a nipple!

    • Guest

      You didn't "see" a nipple

  • EML

    #14 Now, that's a WIN!

    • http://www.thechive.com S_Giacomazzi

      Yes, but the two pictures are from two different people. Look at the asses. They are different

      • Shawn

        that's what I was thinking, I guess the second one was the motivation? it's definitely motivating me.

      • LeBlow Job

        I believe those are classic "before" and "after" shots.

        • http://www.thechive.com S_Giacomazzi

          And they would be, if the pictures were of the same person

  • Tiber_Septim

    What happens to you does not make you who you are, but what you do about it does.

  • http://www.facebook.com/justincredable71 Justin Lentz

    #37 id like to see moar of this sexy lady

    • http://twitter.com/Paul_Hizzle @Paul_Hizzle


  • http://s1336.photobucket.com/albums/o642/janeyqueen/ janeyqueen

    #10 In other words, when I'm feeling sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.

    • Woop

      NPH FTW

    • Jaynugg

      That's legend….wait for it….dary

  • grumpy

    #8 – Chive, do you really believe this? Or did you post this just to get some easy "Awesome points"? Because I believe this, and if YOU really do too, then let's see a post of gorgeous women who aren't all size 0-4. Let's see a pictorial of the beauty of women in other sizes too. I'm down for that. What do you say?

    • hi_steaks

      Amen. I'm not sure how the sizes work wherever you're from, but I like a nice curvy 12…

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        US=UK-8, yes?

    • HomerSimpson

      I say "no fat chicks!" Just kidding…..sorta

    • Telemark


    • michelle1111

      Not degrading someone is one thing, but celebrating women who work their butts of and try to maintain a fit body is something different. Why reward those people who don't bust butt everyday to stay healthy and fit by narrowing their foods and going to the gym? It's one thing to be comfortable in who you are, confident is sexy, buuuut there is no reason why other people should say that it's okay to have inches of fat on your body (even if it is only 3)…Just saying, celebration is one thing and confidence is another

      • CanadianChivette

        Ever consider those who have health issues? Women who have had children? Women who are just happy with who they are? Just because someone has a couple extra inches of fat, doesn't mean they aren't trying, and it doesn't mean they sit around and eat McDonald's all day, either. People shouldn't be "rewarded" for being skinny and healthy. Everyone should be given the confidence and compliments from others for just being damn happy and proud of who they are. I'll be the first to admit it, I've had two kids, and have had many fluctuations in the way my body looks, and how I feel about it. I eat great, I'm back in great shape, but I'll never be different inside. That's the problem today, nobody is allowed to just be themselves. Women are expected to walk around in sports bras and yoga pants just to be recognized and "rewarded" as women.

        • Logan

          Unfortunately in the US we have been given the "good just the way you are" line so much that is has bred in a lot of laziness and complacency. Why try to eat better or exercise or excel at anything when you can be "good as you are" with no effort. So yes, when someone does something good there is a level of recognition that goes with it. More importantly they probably feel better as a person for getting off their ass and doing something constructive.

        • ShoulderLean

          People shouldn't be rewarded for being skinny and healthy? What a joke. We should just hand out mediocrity awards to everyone instead. Let's just reward everyone equally. Who needs feats of greatness to strive for anyway?

          • CanadianChivette

            No, you idiots are missing the point all together. I didn't say it was cool to just sit back with a bucket of chicken and a 6-pack and call it good enough. Not all women are the same shape, height, or size, and what is trying to be conveyed, is that all women are just naturally beautiful. It's society, and chauvinistic pigs that have made it so hard for women to actually believe that, and believe in themselves. I sure as hell don't see any Dove commercials showing men of all shapes and sizes, and I don't hear any women chiming in on any photos saying how a tall guy with wide shoulders and a few extra pounds is disgusting or lazy. I hate the term "fat" but I'll use it anyway. There is a difference between PEOPLE who eat absolute garbage, sit around all day, and just plain old don't care, and PEOPLE who were just born with a bigger frame, and genes that don't give them the ability to be a size 0. In any case, who are any of us to judge. Yes, the people who workout 7 days a week and have something to show for it should get some level of recognition, but everyone starts out somewhere. And a lot of the women portrayed in fitness pictures, started out as naturally smaller women anyway. Pull your heads out of your asses and learn some fucking respect and class.

            • ScientificBoink

              And here I am thinking that Canadians didn't even know curse words; assumed the "polite to a fault, go oot of our way to be nice, eh" stereotype was true.

              i kid, i kid.

              but seriously – you're dead on. even some people's best won't be at the "fitness model" level. some people are born with squat, broad frames (the women in my family), whereas some are born tall and thin. i'm a dude and you'll never see me on the cover of any men's fitness mags, but i'm growing in my awareness of what i'm eating and how i'm caring for myself. the attempt and the realization that we all need to be healthier is the key, and THAT'S what should be celebrated. are we each the best version of ourselves? are we trying to be?

              • CanadianChivette

                Oh I had a good laugh at that! 99% of the time we're as polite and nice as you all think, but we all have our days, eh! Thanks for backing me up, I don't think some people will ever get the point! Glad we agree 🙂

                • Mattman

                  I for one, do get your point, and agree with both you and the poster above. Different shapes and sizes, but are we the best version of ourselves? I like that. The posts with fitness model are fun to look at for the sexiness but also because those people obviously take a lot of pride in taking care of themselves to look that way. I admire respect, and am attracted to that. I also really like the posts of people who have lost the weight. It restores my faith in America when I know that we have a freaking obesity epidemic and there are people realizing that they're apart of it and working to change themselves. Whether they take it as far as getting the six pack abs or not doesn't matter because they all look healthier and happier at a more ideal weight. If your frame is meant to be a size 12 then you'll look good when you are near that size. You're right that women are inherently beautiful and should be given that confidence, but just like guys, if they let themselves go to extremes, they become less attractive both because of appearance and because it means they've stopped taking pride in their bodies as a temple. That's my 2 cents anyway.

        • michelle1111

          Hell yeah I want to be rewarded as a woman and LOVED for my great body. I work for it, and having kids is no excuse to not be in shape–that's the problem. Excuses. This is an Inspirational forum

          • CanadianChivette

            Not everyone gets into shape in one day. The problem is that nobody know anyone's story. Clearly excuses are a problem, but ignorance is an excuse as well, and one that shouldn't be tolerated.

            • CanadianChivette

              And if its inspirational, then the bigger girls need it to. Instead of parading around saying "oh look how skinny and fit I am, you lazy fat bitch" how about a "wow, what a beautiful girl" and that's it. Maybe she IS doing something to fit into the mold that she's been made to think she needs to fit into.

              • CanadianChiver

                i agree with you CanadianChivette, I think #8 presents a real double-standard by suggesting that inner beauty is where it counts, yet this site will never have a gallery of robust women proudly wearing lingerie because this site doesn't deal in inner beauty. The average purveyor of the site only comes here for big boobs on thin bodies (that are mostly white, but sometimes asian or black, when the fetish strikes, or when readers complain). I mean, really, are we rewarding girls who work hard to get/stay fit, or are we just objectifying and encouraging attention whores who vainly submit their pics because they want their superficial beauty to be peer-reviewed? i always wonder whether The Chive has a "rejected chivettes" folder filled with larger women in lingerie. They know their (average) readers don't want to see that, fine, but then they shouldn't go promoting ideals that are seemingly antithetical to their mission statement. Sorry, Chive, as much as I love you, you're like the douchebag friend i met in college that i just can't stop hanging out with because you're always up to crazy shit and i live vicariously through your adventures.

                • JessieBelle

                  I didn't really take the time to read the above comments (because I really don't care) but I think the BIG message about this picture, is, as women, we should really stop dragging each other through the dirt to make ourselves feel better. Because as cheesy as it is, think about how awesome it WOULD be if we lifted each other up instead of dragging each other down…about how much we could accomplish. (regardless of whether we are talking about physical appearances, behavior, personal success, etc.)

                  • Mattman

                    Go to craigslist and look through the personals. You'll see an abundance of women who call themselves bbw, curvy, whatever (and btw there is a big difference between those terms) who want to be accepted for their size but will then in the same sentence bash girls who are sticks or barbies. It's disgustingly hypocritical.

                  • Jerry

                    Why would you reply to a comment you "didn't really take the time to read?"

                • True

                  Thank you! This site is great but they do only show women who have huge breasts and are super skinny. It makes average people feel like they're abnormal or ugly looking. I also think it gives men the wrong image of women. There are a lot of men of believe women need to have double D's and no fat anywhere else. I wish people would just get along and stop being so judgemental!

                • Canadienne

                  Couldn't have said it better myself! Being a woman who chives, I can say that looking at these girls who have "big boobs on thin bodies" sure does get old after a while…yeah sure, they worked hard to be thin (or maybe not), but there are more body types that are beautiful that aren't shown on here! …I am not saying this out of jealousy since I am confident in who i am and what I look like, but sometimes bodies like that are just not realistic for some women….it can get pretty discouraging for some which can really lower self-esteem! Show us some average girls Chive!

            • Grumpy

              Well said. My gorgeous wife had spinal fusion surgery, and isn't able to do all the cardio and weightlifting that some women can. So is she tiny? No. But is it because she's lazy or gluttonous? No. There's LOT of beauty out there for those who have eyes open enough to see it.

    • KeepinCalm


    • dan


      • socalmarti

        I will support your comment THE MINUTE you submint pictures of your penis and last pay stub.

    • skidapark

      all I can say is, I don't login to the chive to see unattractive women (or not funny jokes, or not good WTF's… you get the idea). The chive shows hot women because that's what the audience wants. the good thing is the chive shows a lot of different flavors (fit girls, chivette's, pro models, etc). to each their own. if the chive wants to post heavier girls, someone will probably like and appreciate it, but I'm guessing another bikini or tight-dress post will be a bigger "sell".
      i'm sure somewhere on the interwebs there's a place for all types.

    • Wisti

      I haven't seen any over a size 2…

  • TheFrontier

    Now that I'm motivated, bring on Hump Day! Thanks #37

  • oqsig99

    #6 who is she? I need Moar!

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  • freddy boy

    #28 I don't even know you but I'm so proud of you, honey. You inspire me.

    • Twilightsucks

      She now looks like she can pretty much beat me up and pin me down.

  • martinj67

    So am I meant to be happy as I am, or is it wrong that I'm not motivated to be thought of as a douche? Mixed messages chive… but #40 reminded me to just laugh along and enjoy the view.

  • TheDJ

    #2 I think he reversed the order of the pictures … 🙂

    • Sharkfart

      I agree, he loses weight AND gains more hair???

      • Mattman

        Yes….. hair grows with time and he's working out during that time… is that a trick question?

        • Mrmin24

          Hard work pays off, but I swear the you can see douchery increasing

  • Rebecca

    Oh god, I was so depressed today, but I cannot tell you how much this post made me feel all better!

    • shut up


      • ^gay

        you should just kill yourself now shut up…

    • Moe Lester

      Don't feel so happy just yet, the feeling will likely wear off in a couple hours, and you'll go back to your old habits that made you depressed in the first place… It takes 2 and a half months to form a habit, good habits are hard to form, you will likely want to quit in those months, but you can't, it will eventually feel second nature.

      If you don't get off your ass and do something about it nothing will ever change, don't start tomorrow, don't put it off, start today and take your fucking life back. Nobody likes being depressed, but we all can change the feeling with some hard work. Once you start and get to where you want to be, everything else you used to worry about will seem trivial.

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