• twd22285

    this made my day

  • Rich

    Someone tell him not to go on that show pawn stars cause they will only offer him $50.00 for it because of all their overhead and just like every other dumbass that goes on that show he'd prob take it.

  • JLinsley

    Bob, step into my office. Your fucking fired!

    Worst post ever.

    • tom

      Shuddup douchebag

    • YourEnglishTeacher

      *You're fucking fired.

  • ThoroSOE

    Wait till you read this:

    The auction of this blanket made a whooping 1,8 million $ !!!!

  • Mike

    ultra rare antiquity = $500k, Nicki Minaj net worth = $12M, Justin Beiber net worth = $112M….something wrong with that.

  • markkens

    Think the appraiser should have had a chair and paramedics standing by.

  • drizzle

    I wouldn't know what to do with it now I wouldn't want to just wad it up and stud it back in my car

  • Jim

    This is great to see. Like some of the posters have previously said, it is wonderful to see every day people make out like this.

  • http://www.friscorr.com Cody

    Did you see that mustache on the floor producer??? 3:01

  • scarecrowe420

    Holy shit!! I’m fucking flabbergasted!!

  • honorrr

    good for that guy. he was so grateful! nice old dude in my book.

  • meturkeysta

    Guess I'll watch the videos since the DAR is late.

  • TheFrontier

    I'm flabbergasted!

  • Dan

    Oh that is just SO WEIRD that the chive would have one-day-old reddit, at least I can't say you don't recycle!

  • BWaecker

    He doesn't realize that Nicholas Cage could have also approved this national treasure and made him millions.

  • Beelzebub

    I see your 500,000 and raise 500,000

    Jade collection http://youtu.be/z1CEbl9cK3o

  • Jim

    What would Rick offer?

  • Canucks_Rule

    honestly thought the dude was gonna scream CHA-CHINNNNG!! *fist pump*

    bc chivers/chivettes. –> http://twitter.com/KCCOVancity

  • Crazy_Jake

    Ok.. So now what does do to get the half million… Where does this thing go now…museum?

  • thatshitcray


  • Paul_el

    So glad for that guy…looked like he was borderline ready for a heart attack.

  • ktmsandwitch

    you have to wonder just how much of these valuable things are just sitting around in peoples houses

  • Bradley

    AW FUCK!!!! My grandma just trashed one of these away last week.. I was all wasted and puked so I grabbed this blanket to clean up my mess. After that she just thrashed the blanket. It's the EXACT SAME ONE! I really can't believe this shit. omg.

  • tommy

    Quite literally made my night. Good shit Chive. And of course ARS.

  • Kieth In Fl

    I'll honestly admit, I teared up a bit for the man. I mean when he talked about his family, his grandmother, no wealth and to see what it meant to him and how overwhelmed he was with the meaning of this item. I mean, seriously, to him it had to mean so much to be at his age, his struggles throughout life, and to know that ALL ALONG you had a half million sitting on a chair. Fully happy for the man and his family. Chive on Sir. Chive On.

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