I would be concerned on where the signal from your phone to the lock goes through. What keeps the company from being able to unlock your door?

  • http://www.facebook.com/carl.swasey Carl Swasey

    Step one. Find someone who bought this. They obviously have money. Step two. Knock them out and drag them to their doorstep. Step three. House has been robbed.

    I'll pass.

  • Bud


  • cels0_o

    My door has 2 locks and that thing looks pretty bulky so I doubt it would fit.

  • http://euroranger.wordpress.com/ Euroranger

    While I can see the benefit of the bluetooth auto lock/unlock part (especially in places where you have to swipe a card on a reader to unlock a door) the rest of it looks like technology for technology's sake. Technology is science being applied to solve practical problems. In this case though, the technology solves a problem that really isn't one and the "solution" to the "problem" seems to present more onerous issues than ones it's apparently trying to solve.

    A phone is bigger and bulkier than a key.
    A key all by itself works. A phone requires a battery charge and, in this case, a wireless signal or network connection.
    Both ends of this solution could break whereas with a key and lock, the lock very rarely, all on its own, decides to not work (mostly because it doesn't have batteries that can die) and keys don't change all that much either.
    If you lose a key a finder of said key has no idea where the lock is that the key opens. Not so if you lose your phone. You can't get more info about the owner by hacking a key.
    A key is cheap. This, almost certainly, won't be.
    Using this device won't mean you can do without keys. Your car will likely still have one as well as a host of other devices. You'll still be carrying keys.

    Some tech is truly advancing the human condition but some of it exists just because it can be done.

  • http://twitter.com/ReedAndrew @ReedAndrew

    We have something close to this on our door and it is handy as hell. I still carry my key yes because I would hate for the battery's on the damn thing to run out and then I'm screwed. The big plus for the one I have is that it has a key pad on the front so you can just punch in a code and the lock opens. I think I have used my phone twice and that was from the car when sitting in front of the house so I could bring in grocery's without fighting with the lock.

    It is def a first world problem item though.

  • Shoop

    Whats wrong with just using a key?

  • http://Himesenergy.igniteinc.biz Himesmagic

    I built something similar a while back using an arduino UNO and a servo. Could unlock my door with a secret knock. But that was for fun. Don't know if I'd want one attached all the time.

  • Miss Rockers

    Why would I need to wire it to bananas?

  • chris

    I've had something similar about 4 months. It's awesome.

  • chronicrage

    I would love this, personally, for a few of the features mentioned in the video:
    -Allowing others access to the house – I have people coming and going frequently with my permission while I'm gone, but that means I just have to leave my door unlocked all the time. I'd rather not have to do that.
    -Knock sensor – I'm always on the second floor of the house and never hear people at the door.

    The downsides:
    -My deadbolt is shaped nothing like that.
    -I don't have a data plan for my phone (it's not smart)

    People have posted concerns about losing their phone or not having another way to open the door, but the video says:
    -You can still use a key
    -If you lose your phone, you can disable Lockitron via the internet so the thief can't use it

    • Idk

      You can use it via text messaging instead of data

  • Tony Savinkoff

    I want one…. where can i get one?

  • pbb05

    i have no clue what this video was about as that i was too distracted by the massive amount of chest hair pouring out of that guys shirt

  • mkharnage

    I had an awesome key-less device called a garage door opener installed.

  • :-/

    Scumbag Lockitron: Opens deadbolt without a key… doorknob still locked.

  • InSane We Trust

    This is really cool and useful, except for the fact that smartphones are known to have the worst security ever.

  • http://www.twitter.com/KCCOnola Nola

    Genius…unless your phone is dead, lost, or stolen….. Lmao xo

  • dawgbone98

    The only use for it that I would have is if I go out of town and while on the airplane go "shit, did I lock the front door?"

    Other than that, my key works fine.

  • Flats

    When did keys and even turning a door knob become such a burden that something like this is necessary? I mean yea it's fairly cool but definitely more gimmicky than absolutely necessity

  • Greg

    How much is lock a tron?
    "a key that can open alot of locks is a
    Master key, a lock that can be opened by alot of keys is just a 5hitty lock" – the chive. About a week ago.

  • Powerstroke

    These guys look like some fucking creepers no go

  • Shane

    If it works remotely, can it be hacked?

  • phoneboy

    Not a fan of the idea. The Schlage Link setup is a lot better, in my opinion. A lot more secure too. Also this could be a total pain if your door doesn't line up right for some reason. You think your door is locked, and it isn't because the mechanism got jammed somehow…

    eh, I guess it's a cool idea, but not well executed.

  • KyleCleveland

    I really like the idea. Totally a first world issue of course. I can't wait for my wireless router to die and be unable to open the door to my home!

  • Dan

    Now they just need to make the fake rock that you can put your extra phone into when you forget yours.

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