The world looks a lot better from a woman’s POV (35 Photos)

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    Good christ. All of 'em. This, Squishy…could use 'em every week.

  • Ryan

    #1 Perfect Rack, Plus 50 DKP (she knows what im talkin about)

  • Grewsome

    #27 Ooooh! Freckles. ❤ MOAR!

  • Jefffro

    Must see more of #27 and #35!!!

  • RawB

    #4 YES PLEASE.. and to the rest, I love these pictures

  • Anonymous

    This should be a weekly post.

  • Canucks_Rule

    #1 #23 #32 – any guy who doesn't like this thread needs to chop off his penis right now.

    bc chivers/chivettes. –>

  • Fapomatic

    Ahhhhh not a bush in sight. Well done ladies. Well done.

  • jbf28

    This needs to become a weekly post!!!

  • tjo55555

    #9 #15 Are all sorts of hot!!

  • Shifty

    Best girl post in a long time. Consummate work Chive.

  • jebloans

    27 fo show..!!!

  • Admanmc

    #7 where are all the chivettes in the Seattle area? I'm not finding any Chivers or Chivettes on the Eastside

  • Hey Hoss

    A woman's POV post, BRILLIANT! (… as long as it refers only to her visual POV, not her opinion)

  • AB5

    #7 much love from a Seattle Chiver.

  • Mark Weisen

    Mrs. #1
    Thank you for asking for POV, you asked and we recieved KCCO

  • ILoveChivettes

    God Bless POV Chivettes

  • Gnu

    Free mustache rides for all!!!

  • Denis

    #8 Who is this Idahoan chivette? Reveal yourself! …please… 🙂

  • Smothered Hope

    First, I'd like to thank the Chivette that suggested this POV thread. Secondly, to the Chive for listening to her wise words!

  • NinjaScene

    So good, should be "encored" on Chive's MTG post. Just, EPIC.

  • Kiwichiver

    #27 i love you and i love your freckles

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  • Seattle Fan

    #7 thank you for representing Seattle, please give us moar!!!!! Drinks are on me anytime!!!

  • voodoo285

    Been chiving for a few months now and was in love with Mind the GAP. However POV has just become my FAVORITE thing ever. So much so it motivated me to sign up so i could post just to tell you all its the best thing ever.

    Cleanup on aisle 3 for a loyal UK Chiver.

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