The world looks a lot better from a woman’s POV (35 Photos)

  • svp

    #4 wow.

  • fifa13

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation however I find this matter to be really one thing which I feel I’d by no means understand. It seems too complex and extremely wide for me. I am looking forward to your subsequent post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  • bgsjr55

    I would love to open her Bud Light for her!. #9

  • Duke

    POV CHANGED MY LIFE! KCCO SMH you guys never cease to amaze me.

  • Daniel

    This makes me wonder… is there any porn made of girls POV? Not that i´m interested, but my girl asked that and told me to post it in here…

  • billyjack13

    #4 #7 #12 #35 I want to snack on you……..

  • Tenny

    Completely faptastic!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    there are sections of #35 that need a little bit more resolution.

  • Bobby Hudson

    #27 Oh my god I love you. Please give us more of that spectacular freckled body!!!

  • UofIchiver

    #27 MOAR!!!!!

  • los205

    #2 MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Broseph Lieberman

    this makes me want to bring a scissors to the beach.

  • Socal77

    #7 #35 I love October save the ta-tas and mind the gap

  • bob

    nice pussay


  • LostBroncoFan


  • jeremy

    why not a "girls with freckles" day?

  • Decal

    What part of ID are you in? #8

  • geko030

    #35 some one pull the blind

  • John Van Dusen

    #4 & #24 …. Perfection 🙂

  • Ohms

    #26, typical woman driver… hahaha

  • Lionel

    #12 12 out of 10 seriously………..

  • Jack

    Why would anyone call compliments "deceitful" "tools"? Compliments are not tools, its something we do as a way to say that we love you. But that Satanist womens movement as you brainwashed that your'e always wrongfully judging our compliments and the words in them. Why would that black lollipop sucker and holding fast just to conclusions and say something to hassle us by insinuating that we supposedly would as she said it out of her own mouth "presume", what could we possibly "presume"? They that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy. Sound like the womens so-called movement, observing lying vanities like their myth about sexual harassment, which they really know how to put the ass in harassment so they forsake their own mercy. let none of you imagine evil in your heart against his brother. Let none of you ladies imagine evil in her heart when she receives any compliments even about her bosom. Amy Alkon was sweeping the imaginary lie of so-called sexual harassment under the rug by not talking about compliments. Amy Alkon should beat some manners into dim-witted women to accept compliments including being whistled at which is an attractive sound if listened to right would make anyone swoon.

  • Arnold

    That lady with the squares on her bikini looks pretty. Her bosom looks large enough that my penis could get rubbed by her cleavage, right in the center of her breasts. My cock would probably be about an inch deep between the center of her bosom till I cam on her cleavage. Her bikin top is lovely. Thats the advantage of having large breasts a mans penis is deeper in the center of the cleavage of the bosom, where as there would be no depth with small undeveloped breasts.

  • Mystic Defender

    I could shake my penis in my underwear looking at this, so many penis becomes erect,and rub against my underwear long enough to eject semen, shot straight through my underwear right onto my left thigh. And it woulddrip on my left thigh. Of course if one is not careful, one could have ones penis bleeding so that their is a bllod stain on the underwear.

  • hayat


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