• fradge


  • Kinser Marine

    I walked passed by this car on my to work this week it was destroyed. That was one crazy typhoon. Semper Fi

  • http://twitter.com/froeonlx @froeonlx

    That typhoon was crazy. Took the power out where I was out for 24 hours… and then couldn't leave base cuz of protesters. smh

  • Anon


  • havoc

    man, and we thought Irene was scary on the wast coast of the US…

    • havoc


  • Sgt Hoop

    Was this video shot on a Marine base on Okinawa?

    • greg

      i think so. looks like foster, maybe kinser. fun times. i don't miss 'boxing the motor pool' one bit though.

  • USMC 1371

    There's a typhoon here every other weekend

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