You are so very awesome (33 Photos)

  • vegasnites

    #21 should never been seen ever again… Ron Swanson (or whatever the F his name is) in no way is Bill Murray's equal.

  • chicago

    #21 awesome drawings. great talent. i'll draw my little wave for you, bye ~
    #24 awesome act of kindness.

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #16, #26, #33 – Awesome!



  • junior

    #9 and #13 both gave up on life and killed themselves, not awesome at all

  • Wannabang

    #27 Is dressed nicely, but also very expensively and probably by his parents or a personal stylist. Wealth does not necessarily make one Awesome.

    • yep

      that's gavin rossdale and gwen stefani's kid. Not sure how awesome that makes him but that one is probably in the eye of the beholder.

      • Wannabang

        Well there ya go. Rich pop stars kid.

        • smallchinaman

          Almost guaranteed to grow up to be a douchebag.

  • Giggity

    #5 so true, because we actually all are star children. "Every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And, the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust….. So, forget Jesus. The stars died so that you could be here today." Lawrence M Krauss

  • mittens

    #12 Awesome people and role models, eh?

    If your role model is a pile of shitty beer… good luck with your life.

  • waltgator

    #6 like a boss….or jefe?

  • ckron247

    #28 Absolutely incredible. Strange… but incredible.

  • Reguillet

    #27 someone should wash that homeless girl. And maybe give her a pair of pants. Then teacher to wear them.

  • Brett Hall

    #27 "Brian, will you drive me to Baby Gap? I want to dress like a tiny douche." ~Stewie Griffin

  • glen

    #22 how arrogant to think we can understand the universe. "Imagine what we will "know" tomorrow…."

    • Educated Idiot

      Hawkings mind is as crippled as his body

  • wlross3


    Awesome the first 50 times I saw it.

  • hollabackgurl

    #29 Bill "fuckin" Cosby?

  • @RichardAdam10

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  • Littlet

    #32 oh louie

  • Nanook

    #30 The Greatest. No one could out awesome Ali in his prime. #2 "Bond, James Bond", started it all.

  • Manny

    There are immeasurable levels of cool in #29 and #30

  • boob_cuddle

    #33 thanks popsicle princess!

  • sohc

    #21 Nice drawrrrings.

  • Livin' Legend

    #22 It's "ape", Dr. Hawking…

  • jeff

    #21 GREAT work keep it THANKS for sharing ❤

    • Tag

      #21 That's serious talent, especially the shading on BFM from Stripes.

  • Guest

    Okay, what's with putting the onions on #20??

  • It's Me

    #32 placed perfectly after #31

  • Kelty34

    #33. Needed that.

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