Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Rob Cherrie

    #10 —the witty standard I expect from Chive.
    #32 —- says it all in vulgarian terms. This is the expressive language that helps me stay sane while driving in todays traffic !
    #49 close to a perfect model. Don't you just thank God for making something like that? Lennie Bruce said "she had the type of body that made men congratulate themselves for self control if they rode ten floors in an elevator with her and didn't tear her clothes off!"
    Pity Lennie wasn't alive today; he'd be a hero!

  • absure2

    #46 such a sweetheart stay that way

  • absure2

    #6 beautiful

  • Butler

    I'm sitting at the library and when looking at #5 and all the sudden a guy who looked just like that walked into the room. We were laughing so hard.

  • earlthepearl21

    #7 for starters a lawnmowers not even that heavy, and secondly you should be ashamed because it is sitting on your shoulders

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