I wonder what she’s thinking about… (47 Photos)

  • realesinclair

    #35 #39 make want to go swimming and stuff…

  • james

    #19 looks like you could use some company?

  • gman

    #'s 7, 29, 33, simply lovely!!

  • Joshua

    Oh he thoughts. #3 #6 #10 #11 #17 #32 #39

  • Redneck_454

    #25 possibly the most innocent sweet looking girl iv ever seen on the chive but yet I can’t help but think your a dirty little girl

  • Guest

    Wow, this is probably one of the best girls entries. They say that the eyes are the sexiest part of the body, and this really shows.

    Of course, all of the non-eyes parts are pretty good too!

  • Danno

    #25 MOAR!

  • JackAce

    #28 Titters that's what I'm thinking

  • MajorTom

    #9 I know exactly what I am thinking about and I can't say I'm proud of myself

  • tml

    Stop what you are doing and concentrate every resource available to find #8. Then give her a cupcake

  • tmk

    Stop what you are doing and concentrate every available resource to find her!

  • ZinnNasty

    #21 MOAR!! So HOT!!

  • Boobs

    I didn't know women could think….. back in the kitchen!

  • Anonymous

    I love it when I come on here and I know the chick…. I'm looking at you #5

  • oface

    #8-#46 more please

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.a.musumeci John A. Musumeci

    #41….does this dress make me look fat?

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.a.musumeci John A. Musumeci

    #7,,, three hours on my makeup and he wants a picture of my boobs!

  • -Andrew

    Please find more of #1. Stunning.


  • Jmafar

    Does it really matter…

  • Mike

    Which one’s do porn?

  • billyjack13

    #10 #22 #25 Good Gracious!

  • K-9

    The reality is, we do not know what " She " is ever thinking.

  • Dan

    Tell u what I'm thinking sexy as hell

  • Kato

    #14 Brett Rossi and Emily Addison. You're Welcome.

  • Tyler

    You girls are all so gorgeous

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